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Vidyo is changing the way people connect. We have moved the business model for video conferencing beyond expensive legacy hardware and dedicated networks to provide a powerful, flexible and scalable software-based solution that is also affordable. Easy to use and manage, Vidyo™ technology innovations put HD-quality, multipoint video communications within reach of anyone using any device, anywhere. All that’s needed is an Internet, LTE or 4G connection to join in a lifelike and truly collaborative meeting experience. Today, Vidyo’s video collaboration solutions power new workflow applications that close information gaps and boost productivity in industries such as banking, education, government, healthcare, and high tech.

Vidyo Innovation Profiled

In November 2016, noted research firm Frost & Sullivan profiled Vidyo, particularly in the customer-engagement arena. Four pages long in pdf format, here’s an example of their analysis:

Vidyo differentiates itself through high-quality, flexible, scalable and affordable visual communications. Foregoing legacy hardware and dedicated networks, Vidyo’s software-based solution enables companies to rapidly deploy and scale video collaboration on a secure and reliable platform. Vidyo delivers video on any endpoint without loss of quality, which is particularly important when engaging with customers over mobile and the Internet. The solutions are designed to work well over non-QoS networks, including Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connections, adapting to changing conditions with a high level of resiliency so that calls are not affected by network conditions…

Vidyo is enabling customer engagement across industries beyond healthcare and finance. The company has deployed innovative customer care solutions, such as video-enabling claims adjustment in insurance, as well as kiosks for virtual receptionists and customer care scenarios. Numerous key customer contact providers have chosen to partner with Vidyo, including Verint, NICE, Genesys, and Interactive Intelligence.

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In November 2016, noted research firm IDC profiled Vidyo. Six pages long in pdf format, here’s an example of their analysis:

Vidyo understands how digital transformation impacts the bottom line. The company will continue to transform the customer experience by providing high-quality, face-to-face embedded video experience in video banking, business applications, and healthcare.

IDC also expects Vidyo to continue being a leading player in the platform-as-a-service ( PaaS ) market with its PaaS offering. Video PaaS makes it easier to embed real-time video into a mobile application, a website, or a business process.

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A History of Innovation.

We are seeing adoption from some of the biggest brands in the world to early stage start ups, spanning industries of all sorts and integrating into emerging IoT form factors such as smart glasses, phones, drones, ATMs and robots.

Vidyo Leadership. Committed to Your Success.

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    Eran Westman

    President & CEO

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    Roi Sasson

    Chief Technology Officer

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    Fahim Siddiqui


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    Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis

    Chief Scientist & co-founder

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    Sam Waicberg

    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

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    Nicholas Reid

    Senior Vice President of Product Management

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    Steve Lehman

    General Counsel

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    Tami Lev-Golan

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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    Kenneth Young

    Chief Financial Officer

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    Bob Smith

    Senior Vice President of Global Sales

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Vidyo is hiring!

The Wall Street Journal named Vidyo to its “Next Big Thing” annual list for three consecutive years. We’re cited on the MIT Technology Review’s 2013 “50 Most Disruptive Companies.” Our marquee partners include Google, Nintendo, Hitachi, Ricoh and CERN who continue to sing our praises.

If you want to be part of this highly charged and rewarding environment and are bright, skilled, energetic and passionate about changing the way the world communicates, we invite you to explore our current openings.