Joining Forces to Extend the Power of Visual Collaboration

Product Developers, Service Providers and Distributors are working with us to break through the barriers of what’s possible with video. We support their efforts with the first technology that bypasses the need for expensive MCUs, providing a complete video conferencing portfolio and a software-based platform that enables the development of Vidyo-powered applications. Our Partners leverage the scalability and flexibility of the Vidyo platform to bring a better experience to customers in all industries and market segments and achieve maximum ROI on their collaboration investment.


VidyoWorks™ Showcase

Our partners choose the VidyoWorks software platform to embed point-to-point and multipoint video, audio, content sharing, and collaboration inside their applications. Vidyo’s APIs and SDK make it easy to video-enable any app, workflow, or web portal for customer enagagement, clinical workflows, project management, collaboration and more.

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Vidyo Partners

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Vidyo has dedicated partners around the globe who deliver the entire VidyoConferencing™ portfolio, professional services and integrations to support your Vidyo investment, Vidyo-powered applications and custom Vidyo application development services as well as a SaaS-based model of VidyoConferencing. Let us know your needs and we’ll put you in touch with one of our valued partners in your region.

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Vidyo puts its partners at the forefront of the next generation in visual communications. If you would like to join the leader in this fast-growing market segment, let us know. Whether you are an application developer, technology integrator, reseller or service provider, partnering with Vidyo will give you a competitive edge in one of technology’s most exciting markets today.

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Partner Sales Certification Program

Vidyo believes in keeping the Partner community at the forefront of Vidyo knowledge. We believe knowledge is power and the knowledge learned in the Partner Sales Certification Program can unleash unlimited potential for our Partner base. Our 8-10 hour training program covers topics including; Why Vidyo, The Vidyo Experience, and Vidyo Differentiators. Sales representatives, operations and marketing teams will walk away with a complete understanding of the features and benefits of the Vidyo platform that make us untouchable in the marketplace. Contact your Vidyo Channel Manager to gain access to this exclusive content.

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