cloud video collaboration solution vidyo

Rapidly deploy video collaboration
without sacrificing quality

Why VidyoCloud?

Your workforce is mobile, dispersed, and often at home. Employees need efficient and effective interpersonal collaboration, and are more engaged over video. They expect exceptional quality, instant connectivity, and access from wherever they work.

Your IT organization may look to the cloud to rapidly deploy video collaboration. But until now, you had to accept the status quo of mediocre quality as the trade-off for the flexibility, scale, and affordability that cloud delivery provides.

VidyoCloud is changing the status quo. Quality matters.

For organizations that need high quality video conferencing and want to avoid burdening their IT staff and resources, VidyoCloud is a hosted video collaboration solution that provides the highest quality available in any network environment.

In fact, VidyoCloud delivers industry-leading performance at the extreme ends of the quality spectrum. In network challenged environments, like mobile and wireless, VidyoCloud offers unsurpassed error resiliency, and can even adapt to 20% packet loss – more than double the industry average. In robust network environments that leverage 4k and 5k displays, VidyoCloud delivers the most stunning quality imaginable, up to 16x better than the status quo 720p.

VidyoCloud Benefits

Vidyo delivers amazing quality meetings from the cloud

  • Continuous software updates
  • Connect to anyone, anywhere
  • Global backbone to reach participants wherever they are
  • Deploy collaboration for your enterprise instantly
  • Buy only what you need, grow anytime
  • Conserve IT Resources
  • Flexible pricing to fit your needs

VidyoCloud Features


Up to Ultra HD Support for Video and Content


Dynamically Adapts to Your Network


Optimize Traffic with Available Hybrid Deployment


Virtually Any Device, Any Time, Any Where


Encrypted Communications to Protect Privacy

Multiparty Conferencing

Distributed Workgroup Collaboration

Integrated directory

Dial By Name Simplicity


Meet with Anyone Inside or Outside Your Organization

VidyoCloud Supported Platforms

VidyoCloud is supported on a wide range of browsers and operating systems including WebRTC:

  • WebRTC
  • Linux
  • Google Chrome
  • iOS
  • Microsoft Windows®
  • Firefox®
  • O SX®
  • SIP
  • H.323
  • Android
  • Safari®
  • Internet Explorer®