The Vidyo Infrastructure

Reliable performance and global scalability, powered by supremely capable video conferencing infrastructure components

At the heart of every Vidyo™ deployment is an infrastructure that delivers video routing, management tools, interoperability options and solutions for recording and webcasting. By freeing video collaboration from bottlenecks and a dependency on high-cost hardware and network connections, the Vidyo infrastructure pairs unmatched performance with the flexibility to support multiple deployment models and virtually unlimited scalability.



The Brains and Brawn that Power Every Vidyo Deployment

Instead of transcoding at a centralized bottleneck (i.e., the MCU), the VidyoRouter™ directs an optimized video stream to each video conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture, patented by Vidyo, conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone. For even more capacity, simply add physical or virtual VidyoRouters anywhere in the network.

Key Features

  • Native rate and resolution matching up to 4k at 60fps per endpoint

  • Up to 150 concurrent HD connections per physical appliance or 100 connections per virtual appliance

  • Sustains HD conferences over links with variable bandwidth and up to 20% packet loss

  • No pre-set limit to the number of participants in a conference

  • Dynamic adaption optimizes quality and bandwidth efficiency for each participant in conference


  • Grow capacity on-demand to support thousands of concurrent connections

  • Supports conferences with participants from conference rooms, computers, and mobile devices

  • Transcode-free technology virtually eliminates latency

VidyoRouter Virtual Edition

VidyoRouter on VMware ESXi

VidyoRouter Virtual Edition (VE) delivers the same features and capacity as the physical VidyoRouter appliance, running on VMware® ESXi™ to provide the deployment flexibility that only virtualized infrastructures can deliver. Available in two capacities — either 25 or 100 concurrent HD connections — VidyoRouter VE lets you distribute capacity, localize traffic, and share VidyoLine connections with any other physical and virtual VidyoRouter in your network.

Key Features

  • Same great quality, performance, and scalability as VidyoRouter

  • 12X more resource-efficient than the typical soft or virtualized MCU

  • Supports all SD and HD resolutions up to 4k at 60fps

  • Available in two capacities, VidyoRouter VE 100 and VidyoRouter VE 25

  • Performance and capacity verified by VMware


  • Deploy anywhere: in your datacenter, a colocation facility, or in the cloud

  • Mix-and-match physical and virtual appliances for ultimate deployment flexibility

  • Spin up new VidyoRouter VE instances to immediately add capacity


Your Vidyo Connection

A VidyoLine™ is a licensed connection for participants joining the video conference with a Vidyo app, such asVidyoDesktop™, VidyoMobile™, and VidyoSlate™. There’s no need to pay for excess capacity: simply add VidyoLine licenses as your deployment grows.


Key Features

  • A unified pool of VidyoLine licenses supports your entire Vidyo deployment

  • Share VidyoLine licenses across any number of VidyoRouters

  • All VidyoRoom™ and VidyoPanorama™ systems come with a dedicated VidyoLine

  • No limits to resolution: a VidyoLine license is good for any mode supported by any Vidyo app


  • No recurring per-user or per-account fees

  • Substantially less expensive and far more flexible than physical or virtual MCU ports

  • Follow-the-sun: share licenses across multiple time zones to maximize utilization

  • Event licenses affordably expand capacity for high-demand events like conferences and all-hands meetings



Easy Management on All Levels

VidyoPortal™ works with VidyoRouter™ to provide enterprise-class management tools that are accessible through an intuitive, browser-based interface. Administrators appreciate its flexibility and control options, while end users find it easy to manage their own virtual conference space. With capacity to support tens of thousands of individual users and an option to provision up to 1,000 private-label tenants, VidyoPortal can handle any Vidyo deployment.

Key Features

  • Create user accounts, groups, tenants, and bandwidth policies

  • Define multiple levels of access, from end users to super administrators

  • Enhance security with support for AES encryption

  • Supports hot standby setup for improved resiliency

  • Centralized management of Vidyo components


  • Self-service: users can host, join, and moderate conferences without IT support

  • Integration with Active Directory makes it easy to set up user accounts

  • Distribute software, moderate conferences, and create new reservation-less meeting rooms from a single console

  • Manage capacity licensing and endpoint software upgrades


Complete Team Collaboration in a Single Package

The VidyoOne+™ bundle comes with everything needed to get started with Vidyo. It includes virtualized infrastructure software and endpoint software to connect users on mobile, desktop, and group systems including third party H.323 and SIP systems. VidyoOne+™ delivers up to 4k quality video and content sharing. Perfect for team collaboration, participants experience rich face-to-face communication combined with simple click-to-connect functionality and calendaring support to instantly begin collaborating.

Key Features

  • Collaborate with multipoint 4k quality video and content

  • Easy click-to-connect and built-in calendaring support

  • Secure video collaboration using encryption plus built-in NAT and firewall traversal

  • Virtual machines are easy to deploy and manage in your existing environment


  • Everything needed to deploy a full system in a single bundle

  • Simple guest access via click-to-connect link

  • Host participants joining from desktop, mobile, and group systems, including H.323/SIP endpoints

  • Multipoint video conferencing capability with up to 10 participants, upgradable to 20



Flexible and affordable interoperability

VidyoGateway™ extends the Vidyo infrastructure to support third-party video and audio endpoints. For H.323 and SIP-based systems, VidyoGateway delivers participant video at resolutions up to 1080p30, plus user-friendly features like far-end camera control, content sharing, and interactive voice response. With support for clustering and high-availability, VidyoGateway delivers affordable interoperability that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

Key Features

  • Integrates H.323 and SIP-based endpoints with Vidyo including support for H.239 and BFCP content sharing

  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p30

  • Supports clustering, load balancing, and failover to enhance capacity and resiliency

  • Available as a physical or virtual server appliance


  • Conference with third-party room systems inside and outside your organization

  • Extend the life of your existing conference room equipment

  • Interoperate with third-party conferencing endpoints

  • Make video streams from H.264/AVC more resilient to packet loss

Vidyo Server for WebRTC

Collaborate Right From Your Web Browser

The Vidyo Server for WebRTC brings the convenience of native in-browser video collaboration with no software installation needed. Guest participants joining a meeting hosted on the VidyoConferencing system can connect right from their web browser. WebRTC makes it easy to collaborate with people outside your organization with up to HD quality video.

Key Features

  • Multiparty video layout with up to 6 viewable participants

  • Support for VP8, VP9 and Opus codecs

  • Firewall traversal using TURN, STUN, and ICE

  • Rapidly deploy in VMware environments on premise or in the cloud


  • Extend collaboration or anyone outside your organization

  • Click-to-connect collaboration with no software install required

  • HD quality video and content sharing

  • Full two-way video communication on Chromebooks


Local Numbers for Audio-Only Participation

For times when it’s just not practical to participate on-camera, the VidyoVoice™ service provides local access numbers for voice-only participation from any wired, wireless, or IP telephone.

Key Features

  • Base package supports up to 10 voice-only participants per conference

  • Your choice of a toll-free US number or a local number from over 50 countries

  • Customizable auto-attendant greeting

  • No equipment to purchase or maintain

  • Add capacity to the base VidyoVoice package as-needed


  • Dial in to any conference from any phone

  • Participate from locations without network connections

  • Listen and speak from your mobile phone using minutes rather than data

  • Extend conference access to participants who can only join by voice

Record / Stream


1-Click Recording and Streaming

VidyoReplay™ makes it easy to record and webcast meetings with one-click simplicity. Viewers can watch a conference on their computer or mobile device, in real-time or at any time after the conference. With VidyoReplay, large audiences benefit from high-quality participant video and shared content, whether they are viewing a webcast or browsing a library of recordings.

Key Features

  • Record any conference, capturing shared content plus video and audio from multiple participants

  • Stream recordings or live conferences to computers and mobile devices

  • Download recordings in .mp4 format to edit with standard tools

  • Supports clustering, load balancing, and failover to enhance capacity and resiliency


  • Make conferences accessible to those who don’t attend

  • Build a video library for training, reference, and archival purposes

  • Users can create and manage their own recording libraries

  • Integrate with enterprise-class content management and distribution solutions