Custom Collaboration, Powered by VidyoWorks™

Embed video communication capabilities into any application, service or device.

The VidyoWorks software platform lets you embed point-to-point and multipoint video, audio, content sharing, and collaboration inside your own applications, workflows, and custom web portals. Choose from client and server APIs to add Vidyo to an existing application or web portal, or an SDK that lets you build a new communication solution using Vidyo’s core technology.

VidyoWorks API


Vidyo-Enable Your Solutions

VidyoWorks Client and Server APIs are for organizations that want to add video communication and collaboration to an existing application or web portal, or to create a customized client. Projects involving the APIs leverage existing VidyoConferencing™ infrastructure components and a client framework that includes a suite of modules that provide services like resource management, client state machine, and acoustic echo cancellation.

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Key Features

  • VidyoWorks Server API to customize infrastructure components, the pre-call experience, and conference recordingquotes

  • VidyoWorks Client API to customize the in-call video client

  • VidyoRoom Remote Control API to integrate third-party control and automation systems

  • VidyoDesktop Plug-in API to add functionality to the existing VidyoDesktop application


  • No video (or Vidyo) expertise required

  • Integrates Vidyo into the applications and workflows already deployed throughout your organization

  • Lets you present collaboration options when and where users need them

  • Supports development of apps and browser extensions

VidyoWorks Feature Spotlight

Integrate WebRTC with VidyoWorks

WebRTC brings the convenience of native in-browser video collaboration with no software installation needed. Using the VidyoWorks JavaScript library developers can rapidly create native WebRTC client applications that can leverage the capabilities of the powerful Vidyo infrastructure including high scale multipoint calling, recording, content sharing and interoperability across Vidyo based endpoints, legacy H.323 and SIP devices, Lync clients, mobile devices, and non-WebRTC compliant browsers.

VidyoWorks SDK


Innovate Your Own Video Solution

VidyoWorks SDK is for organizations who want to build a communications solution, including both infrastructure and endpoints, using Vidyo’s core technology.  Projects involving the SDK are more complex and have longer development cycles but afford maximum flexibility and customizability.

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Key Features

  • Access to Vidyo’s core technology

  • Fully modular architecture

  • OS and hardware-independent

  • Thread-safe and optimized for multi-core processors


  • Patented Adaptive Video Layering (AVL) technology delivers superior quality and reliability

  • Flexibility to create your own branded solution or service

  • Supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and Android

  • Scales to any number of users

Who Uses VidyoWorks

See how the VidyoWorks platform powers products, solutions, and workflows used by millions of people around the world.

  • Jive (API)

    Esna iLink for Vidyo

    Amplify Jive Social Business Interactions with Real-Time Video Esna iLink for Vidyo, currently available as beta, lets you embed HD video communications and collaboration directly into a Jive community. Simply “click to Vidyo” to start and join face-to-face conferences with participants inside and outside your organization. Have a question, send us an email at
  • Nintendo (SDK)

    Living rooms connect through Wii U™ Chat

    Nintendo Wii U Chat
    “Vidyo’s software delivers both quality and performance and is easily integrated into Nintendo’s technology.” Genyo Takeda, General Manager, Integrated Research & Development Division, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (from Nov 12, 2012 joint press release)
  • Google (SDK)

    Google Hangouts

    “Vidyo has been a great partner, working with Google to provide a high quality video solution for Hangouts,” Chee Chew, VP of Engineering at Google
  • Ricoh (SDK)

    Ricoh P3000 Unified Communications System

    “Our research has shown that people who want to work outside the office fear they will lose connection with their organizations and become irrelevant.” Matt Sakauchi, Vice President, Visual Communications Group, Ricoh Americas Corporation
  • AMD Global Telemedicine (API)

    Integrating visual communication with information from medical devices and medical records

    "The clinical telemedicine market has long been in need of a solution that offered both access and mobility for physicians to use from wherever they happen to be, without sacrificing quality." Dan McCafferty, Vice President, Global Sales and Corporate Development, AMD Global Telemedicine
  • Kaltura (API)

    Seamless integration with Kaltura’s Enterprise Video Platform


    With the Vidyo-Kaltura API Connector, VidyoReplay automatically uploads conference recordings to the Kaltura cloud, processed and managed according to the enterprise’s needs, and then made available to viewers worldwide through a YouTube-like portal.

  • Interactive Intelligence (API)

    Integrating Vidyo with Customer Interaction Center results in higher-quality customer engagement

    “Now that members and case managers can literally see and be seen, we’ve reduced the cost of care while ensuring better outcomes for our members.” Health benefits organization using the Vidyo + CIC solution
  • Philips Healthcare Solutions (API)

    Remote monitoring of ICU patients

    “Enterprise-wide deployment of next-generation telehealth services requires advanced video technology that is scalable and flexible enough to support the needs of today’s caregiver, family and patient, regardless of distance or setting.” Lori Lazzara, VP, GM Connected Care Solutions, Philips
  • American Well (API)

    Connecting providers and patients for live, immediate, and clinically meaningful encounters

    “Telehealth is playing an increasingly important role in American healthcare delivery, and at the heart of that shift is the high quality of the Online Care interaction.” Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH, President and Chief Executive Officer of American Well Systems
  • Mitel (API)

    Unified communications, powered by Vidyo

    “Video is a game changer for business communications, delivering an intuitive real-time experience that boosts productivity and builds closer team cohesion. Getting video to actually work within the organization and especially across other media, on the other hand, has been a challenge,” Ron Wellard, EVP and GM, Mitel Communications
  • Alaska Tribal Health (API)

    Enhancing Alaska’s statewide medical communications, visually connecting over 200 sites and 2500 healthcare providers

    “The implementation of Vidyo has given us the ability to change the way we provide health care in rural Alaska,” Dr. Stewart Ferguson, CIO, ANTHC