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To compete in today’s global economy, companies of all sizes need the ability to quickly gather the best talent for projects at hand, regardless if they are in Boston or Bangalore. Vidyo global video conferencing solutions for the distributed workforce make it easy to connect remote teams and teleworkers, transforming their everyday smartphones, tablets and PCs into a virtual workspace for high-quality video communication and productive collaboration.

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Global Video Conferencing Webinar

On-Demand Event: Connect Global Workers with Anywhere, Anytime Video Communication

Gain insights from Forrester Research and Concern Worldwide, an international NGO that manages humanitarian aid efforts in 25 countries. Tune in to learn:

  • How 2,200 staff members connect with field operatives in the most remote locations around the globe
  • What to look for in new video architectures to overcome the performance and price barriers imposed by traditional solutions
  • How to video-enable your entire workforce with a scalable, affordable approach

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Global Video Conferencing Webinar - Vidyo

Featured Success Story

Researchers Connect from Ship to Shore

The Institute of Marine Research collects, analyzes and publishes data on vital aquaculture and ecosystems of the Norwegian coastal zone as well as the Barents, Norwegian, and North Seas. With ten research programs, 19 interdisciplinary teams and a workforce of 800 people, the success of this unique marine research organization depends on swift and sure communication over land and sea. Discover the role that Vidyo’s video communication plays in helping IMR achieve its goals.

Web-based Video Conferencing Improves Corporate Culture

Managing workforce requirements for collaboration is among the top priorities for IT. Many organizations are addressing this priority with video conferencing, which improves corporate culture with:

  • More engaged and productive meetings
  • Improved recruiting and staff retention
  • A better work-life balance

A recent Frost & Sullivan survey showed that 75% of CXOs who say video conferencing is used extensively in their organizations find that it enhances employee mobility, collaboration and productivity across dispersed teams. The benefits are significant.

Featured Success Story

Global Teams Finish Projects Faster, Together

Centrotec is a €500 million leader in climatization controls for the new era of smart buildings.  The company’s design, manufacturing and operations are spread across Germany and the Netherlands, with 26 subsidiaries serving markets in 50 countries.  When travel burdens began driving up costs and slowing down projects, the company brought in Vidyo solutions.  By adopting video communication, Centrotec improved collaboration and process efficiencies across functional teams and international borders.