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K-12s, community colleges and universities are investing in HD video collaboration and on-demand learning solutions to bring students, teachers and outside experts together for richly collaborative educational experiences. Vidyo connects more users and leverages equipment and networks that schools already have in place – including conference room systems, desktop computers, and tablets – keeping costs in line with budgets.

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Video Conferencing Applications for Education

Vidyo for Research in Higher Education

In the Humanities and Sciences, basic and applied research requires extensive communication from inception through final publication of results. Research is often conducted by teams of scientists located around the world. As these teams pursue scientific breakthroughs, they need a reliable way to collaborate on their work and share their findings effectively in real-time. Vidyo Solutions for Education provide a high-quality, easy to use and affordable video conferencing platform for research in higher education.

Vidyo for Curriculum Enhancement

Schools are discovering the power of video conferencing to extend the learning experience beyond classroom walls, and connect their students with people, places and events in a way that can’t be matched by textbook lectures.  Making it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn, Vidyo solutions integrate smoothly into everyday classrooms using desktops, tablets, and a simple internet connection.

Vidyo for On-Demand Learning

Along with the rapid growth in video collaboration comes the need to effectively manage and leverage libraries of highly valued video content. It’s no longer sufficient to simply record and upload a video conference to a storage folder in the cloud. Institutions need ways to easily categorize, search, index, trim, clip, re-use, publish and share specific content quickly and cost-effectively. Vidyo and Kaltura offer an integrated video conferencing and video management solution to inspire productive collaboration throughout the enterprise.

Vidyo for Advanced Students

Vidyo Solutions for Education help schools provide advanced students with video-enabled access to higher-level courses not offered on campus. Along with access to live and recorded lectures, schools can also use video conferencing for virtual field trips or mentoring programs. Vidyo solutions also help teachers connect to masters or doctoral programs online during their non-work hours.

Vidyo for Autism

Autism can have a significant adverse impact on a child’s ability to learn, but early and effective treatment can have a dramatic positive influence on a child’s life. Vidyo Solutions for Education help connect autistic children with assessors and education specialists as well as support groups outside the local school and community.  Educators are using video conferencing to connect with students and their parents without the need for travel.

Vidyo for College Prep

Video conferencing provides an easy to use and affordable way for schools to connect students to the college prep experience. Vidyo Solutions for Education help high school students participate in SAT and other training sessions.  Students and their parents can also take advantage of college virtual tours and financial aid workshops.

Vidyo for Early Education

Children enrolled in learning programs as early as age 2 can benefit from content delivered over interactive video. Early learning centers can take advantage of Vidyo solutions to provide families with engaging educational content and activities and host virtual events such as book readings with guest authors. Vidyo gets high marks from educators worldwide who value the ease of use and quality of interaction as well as the affordability of these solutions.

Vidyo for Foreign Language Instruction

CLanguage programs in schools have often been limited due to lack of staff, funding and other resources. Vidyo Solutions for Education bring the power of video conferencing into classrooms so students can connect with foreign language speakers in an interactive, conversational learning environment that accelerates and reinforces mastery .

Vidyo for Individualized Education Programs

Students with disabilities are entitled to a public education. Schools today are collaborating with other service providers and parents on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) tailored to the student’s disability. Vidyo Solutions for Education provide an affordable, easy to deploy platform that helps bring together teachers, students, parents and outside experts. Video conferencing can be used to observe and evaluate students in the learning environment, to provide students with one-on-one tutoring and self-paced courses, and to connect educators to training programs.

Vidyo for Professional Development

Studies show that teacher quality is the primary school-related factor affecting student achievement. Vidyo Solutions for Education help teachers gain access to professional development programs. At the same time, school administrators and teachers collaborate and keep up to date with new plans and procedures for school improvement. With video conferencing, virtual meetings provide a “face to face” connection and a platform for high-quality interaction using standard desktop and mobile devices and an internet connection.

Vidyo for Reading & Literacy

Even in a highly-literate country like the U.S., there’s more to be done to reach underserved communities and immigrants with effective literacy programs. VidyoConferencing gives students of all ages easy access to ESL resources and support that enhance reading, writing and computing skills as well as a life-long interest in learning.

Vidyo for School-based Healthcare

Physical or mental health issues that go unresolved can impact the ability of students to be at their best in the classroom. Vidyo Solutions for Education use the power of anytime, anywhere video conferencing to support school-based healthcare services, from mental health screenings to chronic disease management and speech therapy. With video conferencing, schools can connect with critical resources off campus to ensure students’ healthcare needs are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Vidyo for Special Education

Vidyo Solutions for Education support Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) by connecting students, educators and service providers  via video conference without need for special-purpose equipment.  When it’s easier for student advocates to collaborate regularly on their behalf,  students have a better chance of achieving self-sufficiency and success in school and community.

Vidyo for STEAM

In education, STEAM programs emphasize a balance of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.  Vidyo Solutions for Education support STEAM programs in several ways. Video conferencing provides students with ready access to the latest STEAM content.  Schools can support learning environments that integrate traditional classroom workflow with virtual, digital learning experiences.  And teachers have access to mentoring networks, subject matter experts and professional development programs. All without the need to travel off campus.

Vidyo for Virtual School Education

Each year, virtual schools and classrooms give teachers and their students greater access and options for teaching and learning opportunities. Video conferencing makes it easier for qualified teachers to connect with college students, working students, and students living in rural areas. Vidyo Solutions for Education can increase student access to AP, Honors, Credit Recovery, Dual Enrollment and other courses of study without the need to leave campus.

Vidyo for Vocational Education

Vocational education  gives students the academic and technical skills to be “workforce ready”—a national priority in the United States. Vidyo solutions enhance training and retention by closely connecting students with workplace experts and allowing them to experience the actual environments in their focused industries.

Vidyo for 2+2+2 Programs

Today’s schools are offering motivated students accelerated programs that help them work toward a degree program while still in high school.  Vidyo Solutions for Education make it easier for administrators from different K-12s, colleges and universities to connect via video conference to work out a student’s articulation agreement.  Students can participate in dual-enrollment courses without leaving their high school campus.  And mentors can monitor a student’s progress.  All from the convenience of their everyday mobile and desktop computers and an internet connection.

Vidyo for Mentoring and Networking

Today’s students need to engage with people and resources beyond the traditional classroom in order to make connections and gain the insights necessary to succeed after graduation. Vidyo Solutions for Education help students to leverage relationships with alumni and professional networking and mentoring groups as they make the transition into the workforce. Through video conferencing, these important connections can take the form of one-on-one sessions and virtual career fairs.

Vidyo for Student Recruitment

High-quality but lesser known schools must work hard to attract the best and brightest students, who often focus on Ivy League schools. Students often struggle to navigate complex application requirements to pursue those schools best-suited to their academic goals and financial resources.  Vidyo Solutions for Education enable schools to support students through the college application process. High-quality and accessible video conferencing provides an effective way to inform students and their parents regarding school profiles, application requirements and financial aid options. College recruitment departments can use video conferencing to “meet” applicants who are unable to visit their campuses in person.

Vidyo for Shared Instructors and Virtual Classes

Many of today’s students work part-time to finance their education. Others are adults returning to school for an advanced degree with career growth in mind. These students often need access to classes offered by multiple institutions and outside of the traditional school day. Vidyo Solutions for Education help schools to meet the needs of today’s students by creating virtual learning environments.  Video conferencing makes it easier for students to pursue courses in multiple schools, joining online study groups and taking classes to fit with work-study schedules.

Vidyo for Libraries and Community Services

Modern libraries are vital community resource centers that provide access to children’s programs, literature, technology, educational services and more. Vidyo is a powerful add-on to existing library technologies, that increase their usefulness and effectiveness as tools for a more connected and collaborative community.

Vidyo for Libraries and Job Training

Many libraries offer continuing education content and access to key community services including technology resources for jobless and under-employed citizens. VidyoConferencing capabilities integrate easily with a library’s  existing technology to enable virtual job fairs, enable interviews between candidates and potential employers, and facilitate long-distance training and mentoring opportunities.


Featured Success Story

Haiti Medical Education Project: Training in Real Time

In 2010, a 7.0 earthquake destroyed much of Haiti’s infrastructure as well as its medical schools, resulting in a severe shortage of trained healthcare professionals.  A non-profit organization known as the Haiti Medical Education Project set out to train Haitian medical students with the help of an international team of medical experts, connecting to Haitian classrooms over Vidyo.

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Featured Success Story

Virtual Science Field Trip: Going Above and Beyond

Virtual field trips give students access to people, places and experiences that were, up until now, out of the reach of public school budgets. Vidyo is working with U.S. schools to increase and enhance these connections by equipping classrooms and libraries with affordable, high-quality video conferencing that supplements the K-12 curriculum.

Vidyo for Campus-wide Deployment

Vidyo for Campus-wide Deployment makes it easier for educators to purchase videoconferencing solutions.  A single site license bundles VidyoRouter ™appliances and concurrent use software licenses, the VidyoPortal ™appliance, and VidyoDesktop™ client licenses for desktop and mobile devices. Site licenses are tiered based on the number of enrolled students and affordably priced for any school’s budget.

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