Vidyo for Education

Video Conferencing in Education

Welcome to the world of personal telepresence enabled by Vidyo – expanding the reach, richness, and retention of your educational programs.

Vidyo for Education extends education beyond classroom walls to reach students, faculty, staff and alumni where they live and work, enabling campus-wide collaboration networks. Using Vidyo, schools and universities can enable telepresence-quality multipoint video conferencing that runs on off-the-shelf hardware over everyday networks, and make this available at a fraction of the cost of conventional video systems.

Vidyo for Education Includes:

HD-Quality Video Conferencing

The VidyoCampus program simplifies a VidyoConferencing™ system purchase. A single site license includes a bundle of VidyoRouter™ appliances and concurrent use software licenses, the VidyoPortal™ appliance, and VidyoDesktop™ client licenses for desktop and mobile devices. Site licenses are tiered based on the total number of enrolled students and affordably priced for any school’s budget.

Recording & Webcasting The VidyoReplay™ webcasting and recording appliance enables conferences featuring faculty or guest lectures to be recorded and made available for a variety of use cases; from individualized instruction to teacher training and more.

Truly Collaborative Web Conferencing Educators no longer have to choose between high quality personal interactions with students and powerful content sharing and management tools offered by webconferencing. Vidyo has partnered with Adobe to deliver an integrated solution that brings together best-of-breed video and webconferencing.  Vidyo’s pod for Adobe Connect 8 makes HD quality video interaction an easy-to-use, natural extension to the Adobe Connect webconferencing environment. Read the Data Sheet

Classroom Mobility Carts and mobile workstations from multiple providers can be enabled with VidyoRoom™ telepresence room systems for convenient portability from classroom to classroom.

Funding Information Services Have a project that demands Vidyo but not sure how to fund it? Vidyo’s Funding Information Services team can review your project requirements and help identify potential funding sources and assist you through the application process. Contact us at if you’re interested in learning more about grants and your funding options.


Vidyo for Education Applications

Higher EdK-12Early Childhood
  • Virtual campus tours and pre-enrollment education
  • Distance learning
  • Remote guest lecturers
  • Student work groups
  • Professor/student interaction and communication through virtual office hours
  • Student-family interaction
  • Inter-collegiate collaboration
  • Connecting students across the globe
  • Access to advanced classes
  • Enhance courses with subject matter experts
  • Virtual field trips
  • Connect tutors and students from anywhere
  • Connect students with school counselors and specialists
  • Educator training and interactivity
  • Reading with Authors
  • Virtual field trips
  • Professional training for educators
  • Connect early learning programs
Vidyo is the leading provider of video conferencing solutions for personal telepresence. Our breakthrough technology powers HD-quality, multipoint video conferencing on desktops, mobile devices and room systems over the Internet and wireless networks.