Field Service

Vidyo Puts Experts

In the Field

Make the best use of your most valuable resources: your subject matter experts. Using Vidyo’s video conferencing platform, experts can see and coach field technicians through complex repairs, perform inspections, and consult with other experts anywhere around the globe. Whether using smart phones, tablets, smart glasses, or remote controlled drones, field technicians can bring world class expertise directly to the job site.

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Vidyo Enabled Drones

Drones provide a cost saving and safer alternative to helicopter or platform based inspection of high tension power lines, power plants, pipelines, bridges, dams and other infrastructure. Vidyo equipped drones provide a real time, high definition video feed to your on site and remote expert teams for accurate visual inspection of any infrastructure.

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See What I See

VidyoWorks for Smartglasses provides field technicians with a hands free way to bring experts to the job site for consultation, coaching, and quality assurance inspections. Heads up display can be used to share schematics, diagrams, or demonstrate techniques. Video improves the efficiency of your entire field service organization.

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The Connected Service Technician

In this whitepaper by Alcatel Lucent, you will learn how Vidyo enables video collaboration from technician to technician, technician to supervisor, and any other type of instance where a face-to-face discussion simplifies, clarifies or eliminates a truck roll. Using Vidyo on their tablet, the technician can show the situation to others to make decisions. A picture (or even better, a video) is worth a thousand words, but also avoids truck rolls and costly mistakes.

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Global Teams Finish Projects Faster, Together

Centrotec is a €500 million leader in climatization controls for the new era of smart buildings. The company’s design, manufacturing and operations are spread across Germany and the Netherlands, with 26 subsidiaries serving markets in 50 countries. When travel burdens began driving up costs and slowing down projects, the company brought in Vidyo. By adding video to their support process, Centrotec improved collaboration and efficiencies across functional teams and international borders.