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The world of finance lives and breathes online. In order to invest, borrow and manage their portfolios, clients expect their financial services firm to be accessible, providing immediate expert consultations and a seamless way to make decisions and manage wealth.

The financial industry is adopting the VidyoWorksTM platform to deliver video-enabled services that cultivate stronger, longer lasting relationships with clients.

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Video Enabled Financial Services

High-touch Customer Service with Embedded Video Communication

The VidyoWorksTM software platform video-enables your high-value client services and is easily integrated with your financial services infrastructure, applications and workflows. Natural, interactive HD video meetings can be conducted securely over the Internet and 3G/4G/LTE mobile networks. Subtle facial expressions and gestures that enhance understanding are part of the interaction, not lost in transmission.

  • One-click access to secure, HD video consultations with a personal banker from your existing customer web portal or mobile app.
  • The power to include subject matter experts and resources at any point during a video meeting.
  • A convenient way to see and review portfolio account summaries and reports while meeting together online.

Mobile Video Conferencing for Financial Services - Vidyo Solutions

Face-to-Face Online Banking

IndusInd Bank Selects Vidyo for Video Banking

IndusInd Bank, one of the fastest growing new-generation private sector banks in India, selected VidyoWorksTM to power a mobile and desktop-based banking service. Video Branch is a free service that enables a face-to-face video banking with a branch manager, relationship manager or with a centralized executive.

“Our Video Branch ‘face-to-face’ online banking customer service, powered by Vidyo, is the next frontier of banking and brings our branch managers and centralized banking services closer to our customers with highly personal interaction. VidyoWorksTM is the only solution that could deliver on the promise of high quality connectivity from any location, on any device over any network and we are pleased to offer this very high-quality, easy to use service to our customers.”

Romesh Sobti, Managing Director and CEO,
IndusInd Bank

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Video Enabled Banking in the News

Vidyo Co-Founder Interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Alley

“We as a company build a technology and a platform that allows video communication to be plugged into any application, over the Internet and at a great cost structure. It’s exciting now because we have seen a slew of new applications that are being introduced and this banking application is one of them.”

Ofer Shapiro, Vice Chairman, Co-Founder

Video Conferencing for Financial Services

Solution Brief: Video Communication for Portfolio Management, Mortgage Lending and Banking

Learn how to host secure face-to-face video interactions with high-value clients when their busy schedules and conflicting priorities make travel impossible. HD video conferencing offers immediacy and clarity, and with a level of trust that nothing else can match when in-person meetings are not an option.


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White Paper - Vidyo Enabled Financial Services