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Telemedicine and telehealth solutions powered by Vidyo are
increasingly vital in a world where doctors are in short supply,
costs are on the rise and communities lack access to care.

Hospitals, research centers and physician clinics can visually
connect their patients with healthcare professionals for
everything from routine checkups and home health services
to telestroke assessments and surgical consults.

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Vidyo Telehealth Clinical Design Services

The Vidyo VirtualDesign service ensures success for care providing organizations looking to implement effective and sustainable telehealth programs. VirtualDesign is comprised of a proven repeatable framework for telehealth program design and is complemented by live coaching from experts with years of experience and expertise in building and deploying successful telehealth programs.

The VirtualDesign service helps care providers maximize their INVESTMENT in our technologies and accelerate attainment of their program goals.

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Vidyo Telehealth Clinical Services

Telehealth Applications

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Telestroke and Teleneurology

Specialists in the field of neurology are using video conferencing to schedule virtual office visits with patients in rural areas where hospitals and clinics may not have an on-staff neurologist. In cases of stroke, neurologists can be connected in minutes for a remote patient consult in order to provide a timely and sometimes living-saving assessment and diagnosis. Along with telestroke, Vidyo solutions also support teleneurology in the treatment of dementia, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions.

Triage and Disaster Response

When disaster strikes, a rapid and coordinated response can save lives. Effective disaster response requires extensive planning and training, expert triage and real-time assessment, and strong communications between first responders, area hospitals and trauma centers. Video collaboration plays an important role across the continuum of disaster response.

Chronic Disease Management

Effectively managing chronic diseases requires frequent interaction between the patient and the care team which may include a primary care physician, specialists, community resources and the patient’s family. Vidyo solutions for chronic disease management facilitate this continuum of care through high-quality “face-to-face” video communication that is both accessible and affordable without the burden of regular travel to a hospital or clinic.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Behavioral and mental health specialists are using video conferencing solutions to improve patient care in a variety of scenarios. In a time of crisis, Vidyo solutions allow mental health professionals to observe and assess their patients remotely, view relevant patient records and recommend treatment without delay. Video conferencing also helps physicians check in regularly to monitor a patient’s progress over the course of treatment.

Physician-Patient Consult

Vidyo telemedicine solutions for healthcare bring physicians and patients closer together. For physicians, Vidyo provides a high-quality, easy to use video conferencing platform they can integrate smoothly into their medical practice and patient care workflow without the need for dedicated technical support. Virtual office visits connect physicians and patients quickly and securely using everyday mobile and desktop devices and an Internet connection.

Patient Diagnostics

Whether a patient requires an emergency diagnosis or regular check-ups in the case of a chronic illness, access to the right healthcare provider at the right time contributes to quality of care. To incorporate remote consultation and diagnostics into the practice, a physician needs to have full confidence in the quality, ease of use and reliability of his video conferencing solution. Vidyo is recognized as a leading provider of video conferencing solutions for telemedicine and telehealth based on its demonstrated ability to meet these key criteria.


Remote video consultation allows hospitals to quickly and cost effectively gain access to medical specialists and engage their expertise. Physicians and specialists around the world use Vidyo solutions to collaborate in a variety of ways, from consulting on a diagnosis to assisting with a surgery or sharing research.

Physician-Patient Family

There are infinite possibilities for improving care by involving patients’ families throughout the process, from diagnosis to treatment and follow up. When family members cannot be physically present at the hospital, video conferencing allows them to observe procedures, participate in the physician-patient conversation and take part in important decisions affecting treatment.

Surgical Consults

High-quality video conferencing makes Vidyo an ideal solution for remote surgery consultations where clarity of detail and error-free interaction between multiple participants is critical. At resolutions of up to 1440p, Vidyo delivers better than broadcast quality video necessary for accurate assessment and diagnosis. Consultants can also be recorded for later review with the patient care team or for teaching purposes.

Tele-home Care and Home Health Care

Vidyo solutions for telehome care help patients gain access to health care that might otherwise be out of reach. When patients experience how easy video conferencing is to use they are quick to adopt it. With home health monitoring, patients who lack a means of transportation or have mobility challenges can be connected with primary or specialized care services without leaving home. All that’s needed on their part is a mobile or desktop device and an Internet connection.

Geriatric Home Healthcare

A growing elderly population with a longer life expectancy demands new healthcare solutions that cater to their needs. Patients in geriatric home healthcare programs benefit from regular in-home health monitoring by their physicians. Vidyo provides solutions that connect physicians with nursing staff at remote geriatric homes to receive updates on the health of their patients, and to provide in-depth remote consults.

Resident and Intern Training and Education

Video-enabled training exposes medical residents and interns to a greater variety of cases, experts, and treatment scenarios that can be gathered and shared among medical schools and research centers around the world.  Training sessions can also be recorded for later access. With Vidyo solutions video-enabled training is more convenient, accessible and affordable than ever before.

Continuing Nursing and Medical Education

Healthcare providers improve their skills, maintain their credentials, and enhance career prospects through ongoing professional development. Vidyo provides solutions to connect busy professionals with high-quality interactive training programs delivered through videoconferencing. Video-enabled access to training is often easier to schedule and eliminates the time and expense of travel to a medical training center.

Health Education and Outreach

Health education and outreach for preventative care is an essential component in a well-rounded healthcare system. The better informed people are of challenges and risks to basic health and the appropriate steps to maintain good health, the more likely they are to apply what they’ve learned in their daily lives. Vidyo facilitates quick and cost-effective delivery of outreach programs to the community through the familiar medium of video.

Care to Non-Traditional Locations

Making healthcare services and education available in non-traditional locations can go a long way to meeting the needs of diverse and under-served populations. Video communication makes it possible to reach and reassure people who are facing a healthcare system that can be difficult to understand. Vidyo is providing these far reaching healthcare solutions to help remote communities thrive.

Specialty Care and Consultants

When patients require specialty care but lack reasonable access to a specialist, their medical conditions often go untreated, with serious negative impact on their lives and livelihoods. Rural hospitals and clinics typically have generalists on staff but lack funding to justify full-time specialists. Vidyo solutions provide the ability to connect rural centers with specialists around the world, in real-time, through video conferencing.

Vidyo Named 2016 North American
Video Telehealth Leader

After a thorough evaluation of the top video conferencing vendors, we are proud to announce that Vidyo has been given Frost and Sullivan’s 2016 North American Video Telehealth Enabling Technology Leadership Award.

According to Frost and Sullivan, “Vidyo is #1 in embedded interactive video and the VidyoWorks™ platform enables multi-point video collaboration to be embedded into healthcare services, applications like electronic health records systems and patient portals as well as devices, like TeleICU beds, medical carts, kiosks, smart glasses, robots and other form factors that bring physicians and patients close together across the continuum of care.”

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Transforming Critical Care Telemedicine

Vidyo Powers Mercy’s TeleICU Command Center

Mercy – the sixth largest Catholic health system in the U.S. – integrated Vidyo into its central TeleICU command center, SafeWatch. Powered by Vidyo and Philips® eCare Manager, SafeWatch provides around-the-clock telemedicine monitoring of critically ill patients at 15 different hospitals.

Over 450 Philips TeleICU monitored beds have been equipped with Vidyo enabling Mercy’s critical care doctors and nurses to watch over and visually communicate with ICU patients, their families and bedside healthcare staff from a central command center.

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Connecting Remote Doctors & Patients

Putting Emergency Care Within Reach

The REACH Health telemedicine platform is gaining acceptance in America’s emergency rooms, ICUs and patient rooms for neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, psychiatry and other applications.

The software-based REACH system is integrated with Vidyo’s video collaboration platform to improve clinical workflow and enable remote consults. Medical experts can connect in minutes from any location to observe and interact with a patient, check vital signs, and review lab data as if they are at the patient’s bedside.

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Overcoming Obstacles to Delivering High-Quality Telepsych 

Learn how providers are adopting new technologies and treatment practices to enhance the scope and quality of telepsychiatry services.

OptumHealth provides comprehensive mental health and substance abuse services. From risk identification to integrated therapies, Optum’s mental health and substance abuse solutions help to make sure people receive the right care, at the right time, from the best practitioners.

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Overcoming Obstacles 1.1