Human Resources

Video Collaboration

Improves Corporate Culture

Video is a valuable resource for HR today, bringing employees together for diversity programs, employer brand campaigns and other activities that go far beyond traditional training apps to improve work-life balance, connect distributed workforces and more.

Visually connecting people and processes is an area in which Vidyo excels. See how we’re helping HR departments succeed on a global scale.

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Video Conferencing for Human Resources

Recruit, Retain Talent and Enhance Company Culture

In Job, a professional staffing company based in Italy, serves employers and candidates in nine countries. With a focus on building long-term relationships, In Job embraces the Kaizen philosophy for continuous improvement which led it to adopt solutions from the VidyoConferencing™ portfolio. Vidyo replaced telephone calls with face-to-face interactions for candidate interviews and orientations, client meetings, employee collaboration and training. This human touch has brought In Job improved performance and cost-savings.

In Job, success by the numbers:

  • 10,000 network of recruitment experts
  • 1,000 client companies
  • 70,000 placements since 2001

Global Video Collaboration for R&D

CERN Connects 20,000 Scientist Worldwide

CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) has an impressive history of breakthroughs, from the World Wide Web to the Higgs boson. CERN chose Vidyo to connect 20,000 scientists across the world, allowing them to collaborate globally as they research the mysteries of the universe. Vidyo brought telepresence quality and universal accessibility into the picture, seamlessly linking CERN’s diverse mixture of dedicated conference rooms, computers, mobile devices and legacy systems while scaling video communication to support tens of thousands of people on a daily basis.

“What we have with Vidyo is not just a purchase, but a relationship. From day one, Vidyo has been very open-minded to our needs.”

Joao Correia Fernandes

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NGO Connects Staff in 25 Countries

Humanitarian Aid Workers Extend Their Reach

With 3500 employees in 25 countries, Concern Worldwide delivers humanitarian aid to benefit 8.5 million people annually. Field work often takes the NGO’s staff into remote regions where connectivity is poor, IT support is scarce, and users are unfamiliar with technology.

Vidyo solutions support Concern Worldwide’s efforts with easily accessible, telepresence-quality video communication over the Internet, an affordable “follow the sun” licensing model and a path to virtualization of video for extended benefits.

“As an international NGO, communications is at the heart of what we do. Vidyo certainly helps us help others…and saves us time and money.”

Tom Arnold, CEO
Concern Worldwide

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On-Demand Webinar

How to Boost Productivity in the Age of the Video-Enabled Workforce

Face-to-face video collaboration enriches business apps and workflows to streamline communications, boost productivity, and speed decision-making. Tune in to learn:

  • How personal video conferencing between consumer devices and conference rooms aids productivity, saves time and money
  • Best practices to video-enable mission-critical communication tools, applications and workflows already in place
  • Why traditional video conferencing systems fail so often over the Internet and wireless links, and how a new technology and architecture removes these limitations for good

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How to Boost Productivity 1.1