A Timeline of Innovation

Vidyo Technology Contributions Through the Years


Since its founding in 2005, Vidyo has been a pioneer in video collaboration, from contributing to new standards for video compression to delivering the world’s first mobile video client, to introducing the world’s first video client on smart glasses.


The Vidyo Architecture

The Vidyo architecture was designed, from inception, as a development platform that can be extended into myriad applications and markets. The VidyoWorks platform is powered by the VidyoRouter™ which leverages Scalable Video Coding (SVC) and Adaptive Video Layering™ (AVL) to provide superior error resiliency and dynamically optimize the video quality for each endpoint.

Pioneering SVC & H.265 HEVC

Dr. Thomas Wiegand, editor of the H.264 SVC standard, on Vidyo’s vision for SVC:

The team at Vidyo had a strong background in IP voice and video conferencing and so had the vision to disrupt the market. They saw that video conferencing performance and economics could be dramatically changed through the use of SVC.”

Vidyo and WebRTC

Vidyo is collaborating with Google to bring scalabale video coding to WebRTC, including developing a scalable extension to the VP9 codec.

Getting Face to Face with the Internet of Things

The VidyoWorks platform makes it easy to video enable anything in the IoT world of the future, from smart glasses, to drones to patient bedside monitoring systems. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities for high definition real time video in any connected device.