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Video Visits Enable Efficient Virtual Healthcare

video conferencing for hospitalsThe Challenge

How do care delivery organizations incorporate video communications seamlessly into clinical workflows to provide better access, improve outcomes and increase efficiency?

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The Solution

SBR HealthSBR Health’s visit workflow platform integrated with Vidyo’s video-conferencing solutions and an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) or other scheduling systems.

The strategic technology nuance here was the API and SDK development framework behind the VidyoWorks™ platform. It’s designed to implement video collaboration services within an existing application workflow, powering everything from SBR’s Virtual Healthcare Delivery Networks (VHDNs) to Philips’ healthcare solutions to Google+ Hangouts to anything you can imagine.

SBR Health’s VHDNs range from virtual post-discharge follow-ups to reduce readmissions, to improving accessibility and coverage to drive referrals, and patient transports via community hospital ER to specialist center ED consults, remote triage and virtual clinics. SBR focuses on the problem of how to most effectively integrate visual communications into existing information technology infrastructures and clinical workflows.

Key Results

  • Accelerated development process via API and SDK access of Vidyo infrastructure
  • Seamless integration with EMRs, patient portals and other scheduling systems
  • High provider and patient adoptions rates
  • Mix virtual with in person patient visits to increase clinical efficiencies

The Story

video communications integrated into medical workflowsDespite decreasing equipment costs and low-cost ubiquitous PC and MAC-based based televideo, it remains difficult to integrate video communications into health care workflows. The problem is that televideo by itself does not integrate well into traditional clinician and IT workflows, and new low cost technologies lack the level of security needed to be HIPAA compliant, do not include an ability to control access (by patients), and lack compatibility with existing televideo investments.

Vidyo solves the challenges of using video as a means of communication in delivering care through its software based solution that delivers any device/any network access. Now with the addition of SBR’s video visits EMR add-on, the operational issues of efficiently and effectively incorporating video communications into existing clincal workflows is solved as well.

Top US healthcare delivery organizations like Boston Children’s Hospital, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Joslin Diabetes Center, Mayo Clinic, Mass General Hospital and Stanford Hospitals are all enjoying Vidyo/SBR’s combined solutions to allow their care providers to integrate video visits into their daily patient workflows. This lets them work virtually anywhere at any time they choose, while simultaneously allowing them to address staff shortages, serve hard to reach patients, control costs and ultimately increase the level of patient care.

Mayo Clinic has successfully leveraged the SBR video visit and virtual waiting room platform to offer virtual clinical visits. People travel from all over the world to receive care at Mayo Clinic; now select Mayo patients can bring the same care into their homes through SBR’s video visits. This managed video appointment system leverages the SBR solutions to increase connections between patients and providers, resulting in reduced office visits and lower costs of care, such as eliminating in-person visits for those needing post-discharge follow-up, chronic disease management or who have physical handicaps that make long distance trips to the Mayo Clinic impossible. For clinicians, they can deliver care more effectively and systematically. For patients, they can now accomplish in a 30 minute visit what used to take a full day. For Mayo, the SBR solution is an ideal solution: Simple for patients, efficient for doctors, HIPAA compliant and easy integration into clinical practices.

Joslin Diabetes Center is using the Vidyo/SBR virtual visit capability to create virtual access points, allowing it to provide point-of-service care and extend its specialists’ reach, supporting its focus on diabetes education, programs and markets. The Vidyo-based Virtual Visit system will let Joslin increase patient access to care and make its workforce, both physician and staff, as nimble as possible, and thus allow the care team to make maximum use of their work time, reduce wasted clinical resources, and increase the efficiency of those resources. Specific benefits this system delivers include facilitating diagnosis and developing treatment plans at remote and affiliate sites, expanded clinical operations footprint, lower readmissions through more frequent check-ins with patients, and enhancement to the Joslin brand. The Virtual Visit system will allow Joslin to quickly and easily extend its specialist reach across its network, and increase patient access to care by integrating virtual visits into its Patient Portal —

The Massachusetts General Hospital Ambulatory Practice of the Future (APF) opened its doors to patients in July 2010 with the mission of designing an ambulatory care practice that delivers ideal care both physically and virtually to optimize outcomes for patients and satisfaction for clinicians. The APF’s goal is to transform the patient-doctor relationship into a true partnership.

Providing this world-class care requires the most advanced medical tools and technologies and brings with it the challenges of effectively and efficiently using these technologies and integrating them into the practice workflows. While MGH has been using Vidyo video communications in its care delivery for some time now, the recent addition of SBR’s call and patient management and routing capabilities allow the APF to provide virtual visits in more patient-centric models, with the result of better patient outcomes and, most importantly, better quality of life.

Together, Vidyo and SBR are supporting the dynamic nature of healthcare delivery organizations and uniquely solving the problem of how to use video communication technologies seamlessly in existing IT and clinical processes. The SBR video visit when combined with a Vidyo implementation or cloud based video services lets healthcare organizations deploy more efficent care models that improve patient satisfaction, increase access to specialists, raise the overall levels of patient care, and improve delivery of treatment.

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