Portrait of a Colossal Vidyo Deployment

The Andhra Pradesh & Telangana (APTS) Conferencing Facility is an example of a massive Vidyo deployment at the state level where more than 1,200 Vidyo rooms have been deployed across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana’s 23 districts and 1,100 Mandals. Besides its world renowned quality and reliability features, another key Vidyo value proposition lies in its advanced scalability. Only Vidyo delivers 100+ concurrent HD connections per virtual appliance or unit of rack space. How is this possible? Rather than transcode at a centralized bottleneck (i.e., the MCU), the VidyoRouter directs an optimized video stream to each conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture, patented by Vidyo, conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone. Need even more capacity? Just add physical or virtual VidyoRouters anywhere in the network.