We are insanely passionate about video-enabling just about any process or application your customers can throw at us. Let’s get the ball rolling. By completing this form, we will get your deal into our CRM and quickly routed to the appropriate sales resource. If you have questions at any time during the sales process, please contact our partner sales organization.

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Deal Registration Terms
  1. Vidyo will accept or deny your request within 3 business days. If approved, you will receive an email confirmation with the decision. This email should be retained by you, the partner.
  2. Opportunities are eligible for registration, not entire accounts. Therefore, it is acceptable to register multiple deals or project within the same account.
  3. Registered Opportunities will receive the additional discount at the time of the Partner’s order to Vidyo
  4. Vidyo will be the sole and final arbiter of what constitutes a valid registration
  5. Deal registration does not provide exclusivity. Other partners may still compete against you and win the deal. While the deal registration holder will have a financial advantage, it is incumbent upon you to close the business and prove your value to the buyer.
  6. If a Partner registers an Opportunity, it cannot promote a competing product into that Opportunity, or the registration will become invalid.
  7. Registrations are valid for 120 days. At the end of 120 days, the Vidyo sales representative may grant a 30-day extension based on the deal’s progress.