Restore your VidyoRoom Windows 10 IoT system


In the Recovery screen:

  • Keep Files means all configurations made on the device will be retained, but the OS will be restored to the factory default.
  • Delete Files means that all configuration will be lost and the machine will be set back to factory default and the VidyoRoom system will need to be reconfigured again in order to use it. 

To restore your VidyoRoom Windows 10 IoT system device to its original manufacturer settings:

  1. Restart the VidyoRoom system. The Boot Windows Boot Manager Screen displays (for 1 second).

  1. Press the keyboard down arrow to select Recovery, and then press Enter. The following window displays with four options.

  1. Select one of the following four options.
  • 1 - Factory reset system (Keep Files)
  • 2 - Factory reset system (Delete Files)
  • 3 - Enable/disable admin user interface
  • 4 - Exit  (Recovery menu and boot)
  1. When the restore is complete, your system will restart.