Are You Set Up For Success Beyond Stream’s Closure?

Unlock the true power of advanced video management software with Qumu as you transition from Microsoft Stream.

Qumu: The New Standard of Video Communication

Qumu’s solution empowers organizations to create, manage, control, and analyze video content in a secure and scalable platform. Enabling

Qumu’s comprehensive features are designed to enhance the customer experience and drive engagement. With live broadcasting, video hosting and video management capabilities, Qumu enables enterprises to deliver personalized, secure, and efficient banking services to their customers.

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An Upgrade – Not an Alternative

Seeking an alternate video management system beyond the discontinuation of Streams is an opportunity to embrace enhanced video communication experiences. With Qumu, we’re dedicated to making this transition seamless and empowering so your teams can connect, collaborate, and achieve together. 

The Qumu Experience

Manage Content

Create engaging and immersive video content that drives higher viewer engagement, knowledge retention, and overall training effectiveness. This results in improved learning outcomes and enhanced communication across various industries.

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Automate Workflows

Securely distribute video content to your desired audience, internally or externally. ​​Additionally, reach massive live and on-demand audiences of 100,000+ live participants.

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Advanced Analytics

Track and report user engagement thanks to advanced analytics. Additionally, compare and measure video content performance to determine the best content to reach your target audience with.

Why Qumu

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Townhalls and Executive Communications

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Customer and Employee Onboarding

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Multiple Deployment Options


Product Launches and Customer Announcements

Let’s Start the Conversation 

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About Enghouse Systems Limited 

Enghouse Systems Limited is a publicly traded Canadian based software and services company founded in 1984 (TSX:ENGH).  The company provides vertically focused enterprise software solutions focusing on contact centers, video communications, healthcare, telecommunications, public safety and the transit market.