IDSolutions Healthcare deploys 35 of the 80 U.S. Healthcare Providers Using Vidyo-Powered Epic MyChart Virtual Visits, Improving Access to Quality Care for More Patients

October 26th, 2017 – Hackensack, NJ –  Leading embedded video collaboration platform provider Vidyo today announced that Henry Ford Health System has deployed integrated virtual visits within the Epic MyChart® workflow to provide simplified access to care. IDSolutions Healthcare, Vidyo’s premier Epic telehealth deployment partner, has established telehealth ecosystems throughout healthcare institutions across the United States.

Henry Ford offers mobile-based virtual visits in several specialties and has plans to expand to others in the coming months. “Telemedicine is a convenient way for patients to talk with their physician face-to-face in lieu of a conventional office visit,” said Courtney Stevens, Director of Virtual Care at Henry Ford. “Given today’s ever evolving healthcare environment, patients are looking for options beyond the traditional methods for connecting with their physician. Virtual visits appeal to a wide spectrum of patients.”

For care providers, the ability to launch a video consultation within the same interface makes telemedicine simple to use. Having to launch a separate application to conduct a virtual visit breaks workflow, and results in a loss of context around the patient encounter.

“Healthcare providers look for more integrated ways to connect to simplify workflows. Deeply embedding video technology into the existing clinical workflows that they are already invested in and familiar with is key to the widespread adoption of telemedicine,” said Vidyo CEO Eran Westman. “Our partner, IDSolutions Healthcare, together with our innovative customers like Henry Ford, make quality care consumer-friendly.”

Adoption of telemedicine is rapidly increasing because it empowers patients to take a proactive approach to managing their own health and wellness.

“We help healthcare providers do things differently, while keeping them comfortably within their existing workflows, such as Epic,” said IDSolutions CEO Tracy Mills. “Telemedicine makes proactive population health management and continuous patient engagement easier to sustain. We are proud to work with Vidyo, the pioneers of the video conferencing industry, and to add Henry Ford to our growing base of over 80 forward-thinking healthcare systems.”

IDSolutions is a Gold level sponsor of Vidyo’s inaugural Healthcare Summit, which will take place from 10/30 – 11/1 in Nashville, TN. The event will bring together clinical, technical and process leaders in telemedicine to re-shape the future of care delivery. The Vidyo Healthcare Summit will feature a keynote speech from Dr. Jay Sanders, “the father of telemedicine,” and a compelling “unconference” featuring Nick Adkins of the #pinksocks tribe. The first-ever Leaders Innovating Telehealth (LIT) Award will be given to Vidyo customers that change lives through telehealth.

Vidyo powers six out of the top 10 telemedicine solutions implemented by hospitals today, with more than 50 million patients per year receiving their healthcare from a Vidyo-enabled telehealth provider. Telemedicine is on the rise due to both cost and convenience, as healthcare systems shift toward a model of value-based care that combines high quality with better access and efficiency.

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