Rapid adoption and usage on Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Android operating systems improves video collaboration at Rackspace

HACKENSACK, N.J., Sep 14, 2016 – To address rapid global growth, leading managed cloud provider, Rackspace® (NYSE: RAX) leverages video collaboration tools from Vidyo, Inc., to connect its workforce worldwide. A fast growing deployment, Rackspace’s six thousand employees, also known as “Rackers,” log more than 450 simultaneous Vidyo calls per day across Microsoft, Apple, Linux and Android operating systems.

“Rackspace has a unique set of needs for collaboration that only Vidyo was well-equipped to address, including high-demand for a quality solution that runs effectively across the board, especially on Linux,” said Michael Petrie, director, global workplace technology, Rackspace. “Because Vidyo’s technology is highly software-based, highly scalable and can be leveraged by all major operating systems, we were able to efficiently and affordably deliver the benefits of the VidyoWorksTM platform to satisfy Rackspace’s quality requirements and varied user preferences.”

Rackers have adopted Vidyo as a primary means to communicate internally with colleagues and externally with customers, often opting for a Vidyo call versus traditional audio calls or in-person meetings. The Vidyo software-based platform has been downloaded approximately 10 thousand times by Rackspace customers since September 2014.

Aggressive user-centric adoption programs are essential to the success of any new technology deployment. With proper planning, communication and execution, a new technology can empower a workforce to work in new and transformative ways that can drive the entire organization to become more efficient. Rackspace worked with Vidyo’s Adoption Services team to help ensure a smooth deployment that resulted in swift adoption by the entire organization – from senior to junior staff, technical and non-technical.

“Vidyo has profoundly impacted the way we do business at Rackspace – whether we meet via desktop, mobile or in a meeting room, video calls are preferred over phone calls overwhelmingly,” added Petrie. “We instantly fell in love with Vidyo – from the comprehensive assistance we received to help ensure a smooth deployment to the ongoing communication between our community and the Vidyo team – Vidyo has set itself apart through the resilient technology and the personalized service it provides.”

Incident resolution is a key example of how reliable video collaboration can transform workflows. Recently, nearly 200 Rackers across all global offices collaborated in a virtual Vidyo “war-room” over a 48-hour time period to efficiently manage and resolve an internal incident. Vidyo’s reliable, adaptive technology enabled Rackers on any type of internet connection to engage face-to-face, create logs, share content and collaborate with in-call chat all on one call without latency or dropped connections.

“Vidyo delivers the world’s highest quality, most innovative interactive video communication platform and technologies at Web-Scale and Rackspace truly demonstrates the positive impact that Vidyo-based communications can have company-wide. We are proud to be working with such a dynamic organization,” said Eran Westman, CEO, Vidyo. “The VidyoWorks platform is being used for both video and web conferencing and we are extremely dedicated to continue to provide the ultimate technology and service levels to our customers. Because of this, industry leaders like Rackspace can collaborate and innovate at scale today and into the future,” Westman added.

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