Vidyo Leverages Existing Hardware and the Internet for Face-to-Face Meetings with Easily-Deployed HD Multiparty VidyoConferencing

Hackensack, NJ – April 19, 2010 –The eruption of a volcano on Iceland’s Eyjafjallajoekull glacier is having a major impact on global business, as air travelers in Europe and around the world face delays and cancellations. Vidyo®, Inc. is providing “Instant Access” software-based solutions leveraging existing hardware and the Internet which can get companies up and running immediately with VidyoConferencing™, unlike other solutions that require specialized hardware or dedicated networks.

The Vidyo Instant Access Program

Vidyo and several of the company’s key channel partners and CSPs are offering “Instant Access” options for businesses of all sizes that need to meet with co-workers, customers, and partners immediately, during this travel crisis, and beyond:

Connexus, Inc., a Texas-based Vidyo partner and CSP, is offering “Connexus-on-Demand.” The service, using Vidyo’s award-winning H.264 SVC based technology, can be deployed in less than one hour. The flat-fee per user/per month is $28 for 5 users for up to 100 hours per month, based on an annual subscription. Plans are available for groups of all sizes.

Vidyo Partner First Connections in the UK, is offering qualified businesses a free trial of its Vidyo-based Personal Telepresence service, First Connect. With the FirstConnect service, multiple people and/or locations can be connected using personal telepresence, for less than the cost of one traditional room-based system.

“Vidyo is already a core part of many companies’ communication strategy, and provides among other benefits a priceless “business continuity” tool, ensuring face-to-face HD multipoint communications, over the Internet and other non-QoS networks, despite unexpected interruptions that could jeopardize the flow of business,” said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo CEO and co-founder. “Vidyo provides high-quality, low-cost videoconferencing capabilities to anyone with access to a PC or a Mac, an Internet connection and a web camera—without specialized rooms or video conferencing equipment.”

Vidyo is the industry’s only software-based, multi-point, telepresence-grade videoconferencing solution capable of scaling capacity on-demand over the Internet through conference service providers (CSPs). For existing Vidyo customers, when travel is restricted due to global conditions and a greater number of people may need to use VidyoConferencing, Vidyo’s software-based ports can be enabled remotely merely by adding licenses.

“In the 20 years Connexus has been providing videoconferencing services around the world, there have been only a few major events that have had an immediate impact on usage: the first Gulf War, 9/11, and this volcanic cloud from Iceland,” said Jonathan P. Schlesinger, President of Connexus, Inc., a Vidyo authorized service provider. “For would-be travelers seeking alternative solutions, Connexus can set up a Vidyo conference virtual room for any size group within an hour. Participants can connect from their computers, a room-based videoconference system or join from legacy systems via Vidyo’s open architecture. Only Vidyo can offer an immediate, affordable, quality multipoint experience over the Internet.”

For further information call: 1(866) 99-Vidyo.

Vidyo´s Intellectual Property

Vidyo is the only company to deliver a purpose-built architecture leveraging H.264 SVC and eliminating a costly MCU as the basis for a video conferencing solution. H.264 SVC is a video compression standard that enables a video stream to be broken into multiple resolutions, quality levels and bit rates. Utilizing this capability and Vidyo´s intellectual property, the VidyoRouter™ architecture offers unprecedented error resiliency and low latency through eliminating the MCU. The VidyoRouter is the first video multipoint solution that can deliver rate matching and continuous presence capabilities without an additional video encode and decode. This unique capability allows for less than half of the end-to-end latency of MCU-based solutions. (Click here to see a comparative demonstration of Vidyo´s consistent quality).

About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo, Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, multi-point videoconferences on desktop computers and room systems. Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter architecture delivers the only available H.264/Scalable Video Coding (SVC) solution that eliminates an MCU while delivering the industry’s best error resilience and lowest latency videoconferencing solution over the Internet and wireless networks. Vidyo is privately held and has raised $45M from Menlo Ventures, Sevin-Rosen, Rho Ventures and Star Ventures. Learn more at Follow Vidyo on Twitter@VidyoConf.


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About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo is the leader in integrated video collaboration for businesses that require the highest quality, real-time video communications available to directly embed into their business processes. Millions of users around the world visually connect every day with Vidyo’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services. Vidyo has been awarded over 170 patents worldwide and is recognized by industry analysts for its cloud platform and APIs. Thousands of enterprises, service providers, and technology partners leverage Vidyo’s technology to create innovative HD quality video-enabled applications. Learn more at, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.


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