Leading German Distributor for Communication Technology Drives the Expansion of Vidyo‘s Partner Network

Munich, November 23, 2010 –  COMM-TEC, German specialist in communication technologies,  and Vidyo, the first company to deliver personal telepresence,  have concluded a distribution agreement, effective immediately, in which COMM-TEC will distribute Vidyo’s full range of product offerings.

“Vidyo’s patented technology delivers telepresence-quality video conferences over general purpose IP networks and is thus paving the way to professional multipoint conferences for small and medium sized businesses,” said Carsten Steinecker, Managing Director Business Development, COMM-TEC. “Cost-efficient packages, comprehensible pricing models, user friendliness and compatibility with existing systems make Vidyo’s solutions interesting for businesses of this size as well.”

“The indirect distribution channel is very important to us,” said Eric Le Guiniec, General Manager EMEA at Vidyo. “Our new distribution partner, COMM-TEC, is a renowned communication and multimedia specialist. Together, we want to inspire more qualified ITC resellers for Vidyo’s technology and continue to expand the distribution network as well as support for resellers.”

Vidyo‘s technology approach

Vidyo’s patented architecture delivers the first – and only available – videoconference solution based on the H.264/Scalable Video Coding (SVC) video compression standard. The open standard enables a video stream to be broken into multiple resolutions, quality levels and bit rates. The system adapts to the available bandwidth and eliminates disruptive delays in image and sound transmission by reducing the so-called latency to a barely perceptible level. Using this method, the technology patented by Vidyo ensures a high level of resilience without requiring an expensive Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), the central component of legacy systems. Vidyo’s architecture enables videoconferencing over IP networks like the internet and over 3G and 4G mobile networks. Because Vidyo’s solution is software-based, it can be easily expanded, upgraded and customized to meet the individual or industry-specific needs of businesses. Vidyo’s portfolio spans a full range of desktop solutions from the PC or MAC to room systems.


COMM-TEC GmbH based in Uhingen, Germany,  is one of the largest distributors of communication technology in Europe. The company operates branches and sales offices in all key countries and markets. Apart from operating as a distributor, COMM-TEC is also a producer of proprietary products. COMM-TEC is the pivotal contact for resellers, system integrators, planners and architects. We consult our partners and support them in planning and implementing their projects, requests and expectations. More information is available at www.comm-tec.de.

About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo, Inc. pioneered Personal Telepresence enabling natural, HD multi-point videoconferences on desktop computers and room systems, and VidyoCast, an affordable cloud-based broadcast solution. Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter architecture delivers the only available H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) solution that eliminates an MCU while delivering the industry’s best error resilience and lowest latency videoconferencing and broadcast solutions over the Internet. The company has been active in various standards bodies driving H.264 SVC interoperability since 2005. Learn more at vidyo.com or follow Vidyo on Twitter@Vidyo.


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About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo is the leader in integrated video collaboration for businesses that require the highest quality, real-time video communications available to directly embed into their business processes. Millions of users around the world visually connect every day with Vidyo’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services. Vidyo has been awarded over 170 patents worldwide and is recognized by industry analysts for its cloud platform and APIs. Thousands of enterprises, service providers, and technology partners leverage Vidyo’s technology to create innovative HD quality video-enabled applications. Learn more at www.vidyo.com, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.


The VIDYO logo is a registered trademark of Vidyo, Inc., VIDYO and the trademarks of the VIDYO family of products are trademarks of Vidyo, Inc. and the other trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.

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