Vidyo Customers Extol VidyoConferencing Solution

Hackensack, NJ (April 21, 2009)– Vidyo®, Inc., the first company to deliver personal telepresence, today announced a milestone for Enterprise–quality desktop videoconferencing—the industry´s first HD desktop videoconferencing solution for Apple Mac OS. Vidyo first introduced its breakthrough technology and product for the PC platform in 2008.

Vidyo´s solution for both Mac and PC is built upon an entirely new architecture for videoconferencing. VidyoConferencing™ is the first conferencing solution that enables endpoints to seamlessly interoperate from HD room systems to laptops within the same conference via converged IP networks. The company´s products and technology enable the widespread use of HD videoconferencing by everyone, whether from the office, home or while traveling.

Customers Embrace Vidyo Solution for Apple Mac OS

“We have been using VidyoConferencing very effectively on the PC platform since June of last year,” said P.R. Blackwell, Director, Columbia Regional Geospatial Service Center, Stephen F. Austin State University. “People depend on our ability to deliver geospatial support for local and regional communities during times of emergency. Our response has to be organized and timely. VidyoConferencing allows us to communicate efficiently with our geographically dispersed partners and with our response teams in the field. We are especially enthusiastic about the availability of Vidyo for Mac users since many of our colleagues use Macintosh computers. The native OS X Vidyo desktop client allows us to coordinate and communicate freely across platforms without engaging in the age old and counter–productive PC vs. Mac debate.”

“Surgeworks is a software development consultancy that specializes in agile web and mobile applications,” said Carl Youngblood, Rails Practice Manager, Surgeworks, Inc. “Part of our success strategy is to seek out the best talent we can find throughout the world rather than being confined to a specific geographical area. Along with this strategy comes the challenge of fostering productive collaboration between all these developers, most of who work from home. Vidyo–s revolutionary technology has finally made it possible for us to feel like we are in the same room together while we collaborate. We have been amazed at how much it has enhanced the communication and improved the morale of our teams.”

“We have installed the Vidyo client on several of our Macs and the installation and operation has been flawless,” said Brian Comin, Chief Technology Officer, Hartley & Marks Publishers. “The client takes advantage of the high resolution built–in cameras on the Macs and the picture quality is impeccable! The Vidyo Mac client is a big plus for us, as our Seattle office runs a pure Mac environment and having this capability will allow us to further improve communications with them as well as allow the manager of the Seattle office to reduce his visits to our office here in Vancouver to meet with our marketing team.”

“The release of our VidyoDesktop™ for Mac OS further delivers on VidyoConferencing™s promise of high quality anytime, anywhere and on any platform,” said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo CEO. “Until now there were no viable HD videoconferencing solutions for the Mac desktop and laptop users. We are pleased to be the first to bring this significant innovation to market.”

The Importance of Vidyo´s Groundbreaking Solution

As stated by Frost and Sullivan, a global market research and consulting firm:

“Vidyo´s products and technology positively impact the overall videoconferencing market, but more specifically the desktop videoconferencing software market – a segment with significant potential that has never taken off. Today there is an increasingly strong demand from large businesses to leverage their existing investment in videoconferencing and deploy HD videoconferencing for all of their employees to use, both in conference rooms and at desktops. While there are other videoconferencing products in the market that allow this, the current breed of MCU–based videoconferencing solutions become economically inefficient when desktop video is extended to a large number of users. On the other hand, although there is a slew of new Internet–based videoconferencing offerings on the market, these are typically unable to deliver HD resolution and frequently to not interoperate with the existing room systems.

“Vidyo´s new approach to video coding eliminates 80 percent of the delay, freezing and audio loss that plagues traditional videoconferencing, without requiring expensive network upgrades and complex bandwidth management solutions all while providing an HD experience for desktop users. Vidyo is also able to target the increasing demand for extending videoconferencing to remote workers and telecommuters. Remote worker situations frequently involve unstable public Internet connections. Vidyo´s technology now allows participants to join conferences from anywhere, on any system and connection.”

Vidyo was recently awarded Frost and Sullivan´s 2009 Product of the Year Honor for Conferencing and Collaboration. More details can be found at: /documents/pr/Vidyo_IRG–64_Award.pdf.

About Vidyo, Inc

Vidyo, Inc., headquartered in Hackensack, NJ, is making personal telepresence a reality. Comprised of some of the industry´s best engineers and researchers, Vidyo has developed the first new videoconferencing architecture in decades. Vidyo enables people to communicate effectively by using HD quality video from wherever they happen to be. VidyoConferencing is easy and affordable to use by anyone whenever they want, and deploys simply over any IP network. Leveraging Vidyo´s unique intellectual property built upon the new H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standard, Vidyo delivers the industry´s best resilience and lowest latency videoconferencing over converged IP networks. Vidyo´s technology for OEMs and end–to–end product solutions for organizations are able to support point–to–point and multi–point connections that include a variety of different platforms ranging from Mac & Windows desktops to dedicated room solutions. Learn more at


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About Vidyo, Inc.

Vidyo is the leader in integrated video collaboration for businesses that require the highest quality, real-time video communications available to directly embed into their business processes. Millions of users around the world visually connect every day with Vidyo’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services. Vidyo has been awarded over 170 patents worldwide and is recognized by industry analysts for its cloud platform and APIs. Thousands of enterprises, service providers, and technology partners leverage Vidyo’s technology to create innovative HD quality video-enabled applications. Learn more at, on the blog, or follow Vidyo on Twitter @vidyo and on Facebook.


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