Reduces Legacy Integration Cost as Much as Ten Fold


Hackensack, NJ – June 8, 2010 – Vidyo®, Inc., the first company to deliver personal telepresence, today announced that, starting immediately, it is offering FREE multipoint videoconferencing for room systems. For organizations that have existing videoconferencing infrastructures, this means they can now expand the number of videoconferencing room systems and upgrade from low resolution to HD quality room systems without having to invest in additional MCU infrastructure. The savings in data center hardware, combined with lower cost bandwidth enabled by VidyoConferencing™, dramatically lowers the cost for organizations to cents instead of dollars per minute of use, for telepresence-quality videoconferencing.

Other videoconferencing solutions require a port for every room system in a multipoint meeting to transcode the video, and transcoding is performed by an MCU’s proprietary and dedicated hardware. The cost for this MCU-based port is typically around $6,000 per port for 1080p HD. Vidyo is now making these ports FREE for any room system, whether connecting a VidyoRoom™ HD system or a room system from a leading competitor such as Cisco/Tandberg (CSCO), Polycom (PLCM) or Logitech/LifeSize (LOGI). Vidyo provides a VidyoGateway™ that enables interoperability among these competitive room system offerings, but does not require a port, reducing the cost of connectivity by an order of magnitude.

“Industry disrupter Vidyo has broken yet another videoconferencing paradigm by making multipoint videoconferencing ports free for Vidyo room systems,” said Andrew W. Davis, Sr. analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research.  “This dramatic business model shift could significantly change the economics around group videoconferencing for customers.”


Vidyo is introducing simplified pricing that is based upon the concept of a connection, similar to a telephone connecting to a PBX. While there may be many VidyoDesktop™ clients installed on computers in an organization, a connection exists only when one of these VidyoDesktop clients is connected to a Vidyo conference or directly to another user. These connections, called VidyoLines™, are perpetual, concurrent-use licenses priced at $950 for point-to-point and multipoint for each 1080p-capable VidyoLine. This model eliminates the need to separately provision point-to-point and multipoint calls.

“The videoconferencing pricing models in the past have been too complex,” said Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo co-founder and CEO. “This new price model enables organizations to provide VidyoConferencing capability to everyone, yet only asks customers to pay for the connections they need. With software licensing they can purchase more VidyoLines ‘on-demand’ as their usage grows. And improvements are merely software updates rather than fork-lift upgrades of MCU hardware. This is a dramatically lower cost model.”

“By eliminating its own videoconferencing prices based on infrastructure ports, Vidyo has substantially decreased the entry price point for multipoint videoconferences,” said Lisa Pierce, President of Strategic Networks Group. “This announcement clearly shows that Vidyo wants to move the industry’s focus completely onto videoconferencing users.  This new price model is one that all IT managers will certainly appreciate, and can easily budget for.  Consequently, I’m very eager to see how competitors react.”


Organizations have been buying hundreds of VidyoOne systems since the product was introduced just eight months ago. Today, Vidyo introduces the VidyoOne-R for $3000 (US List Price). This complete VidyoConferencing system enables up to 20 concurrent room systems to meet in multipoint or point-to-point conferences. Additional configurations are the VidyoOne-10 ($9500 US List Price) that bundles the VidyoOne-R with 10 VidyoLine licenses. An additional 10 VidyoLine licenses can be added ($9500 US List Price) to provide for a total of 20 VidyoLines.

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