Footballers use video to engage players and fans beyond the stadium

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For the first time, The Birmingham County Football Association’s (BCFA ) video content will be available on-demand to nearly 70,000 football players at 1,200 grassroots football clubs and almost 25,000 volunteers across the West Midlands region of England, providing information, education and valuable resources to those involved in the grassroots game.

With Qumu, we can easily produce and share new content, bring members to BCFA and easily expand our engagement reach to provide succinct on demand support.

Kevin Shoemake, CEO of Birmingham County Football Association

Problem: How do you reach and engage with a large group of diverse clients? 

 The Birmingham County Football Association uses video to cover topics including video updates on legislative or administrative changes to safeguarding policies that protect minor children and vulnerable adults playing the game, and “How to Guides” for those new or needing a refresh on the administrative tasks involved in football. Topics also include “call to action” video campaigns for BCFA’s youth engagement program and a recently launched sustainability project. 

BCFA capitalized on Qumu’s expansive video content management capability to easily create and widely distribute content quickly and efficiently, with advanced security and scale. BCFA will have complete control over consumption of its videos, and can easily track when videos are viewed, and for how long and on what devices, which will help drive future content decisions. End users will be able to Find the right video hosting platform to create and consume video, giving greater reach with full control and analytics, not to mention using an enterprise grade platform as an alternative to free hosting platforms 


Use Cases 

Legal teams leveraged Zoom to quickly shift from in-person client meetings to easily create and record video conference calls. The seamless Qumu integration greatly extended the value of a stand-alone Zoom solution by enabling secure archiving, including the categorization of large volumes of content by playlists. Users could determine which calls to record automatically to a central repository or web portal without time wasted waiting for uploads to complete. The firm created pre-and-post-roll video templates to add standardized legal disclaimers and brand content. Sophisticated search capabilities provided the ability to find content not only by user, date, and metadata tags, but accurate Speech Search enabled the team to jump straight to specific timestamps within recorded meetings by keyword, topic, or other spoken comment.

Employee and Volunteer Education: Videos on demand are providing a great way to train and inform staff and volunteers alike—especially at scale and when they are hyper distributed. BCFA’s first point of contact with the volunteers, players, coaches and referees—on new policies and procedures was difficult, at best, before the use of VOD. For example, if there was a new policy to be disseminated amongst the referees, it would then have to be trickled down to other interested parties, the system was set up for failure and a loss of information during the translation from one group to another. With Qumu’s video on demand capabilities, there is one single source of truth. 

Team Collaboration? 

Executive Webcasting: The BCFA culture is to empower executives and managers to educate, inform and inspire. Leaders no longer need studio-level production support to meet with large, distributed teams. Any leader can conduct on-the-fly updates or professional-level broadcasts to their teams from any desktop or video meeting room.

The Birmingham County Football Association

Virtual Conferences: With Qumu’s Video Engagement Platform, BCFA can conduct virtual conferences with multiple live speakers from multiple locations. Meetings can be highly interactive, yet surprisingly low cost and easy to produce. Live broadcast can automatically become video on demand assets that live in a video asset library.

The Qumu Solution: Our Self-Service Video On Demand Solution

Building on their existing Qumu Video Engagement Platform, BCFA’s small team can cover a large geographic area, and know from experience that video content is more engaging with its busy audience. The staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience to support football across the region.

BCFA can now holistically and consistently create and distribute asynchronous video through Qumu’s secure platform. As BCFA develops new video resources for everyone, from kids just starting on their football journeys to tenured professionals, Qumu can work alongside BCFA and their 4,780 teams. Video is driving engagement and performance.