Vidyo Resource Center

Video Collaboration Data Sheets

  • VidyoRoom HD-2

    The powerful VidyoRoom™ HD-2 is the ideal system for team collaboration delivering incredible 4K Ultra HD video resolution without sacrificing quality from remote participants or their content. The VidyoRoom HD-2 is very affordable and has a compact form factor that is easy to deploy in virtually any conference room or video conferencing huddle room.

  • VidyoConnectTM

    VidyoConnect™ is a powerful business-grade experience that provides the most network resilient desktop video conferencing experience in the industry to Windows and Mac users. VidyoConnect offers a feature-rich and intuitive user experience that virtually eliminates multi-tasking and increases meeting effectiveness. And streamlined workflows make it even easier to connect with colleagues, customers, partners, clients, vendors, and patients.

  • VidyoRoom HD-3

    The VidyoRoom HD-3 delivers incredible 4K Ultra HD experiences for medium to large conference rooms for engaging group collaboration. In fact, it is the industry’s first and only group collaboration endpoint with support for dual 4K monitors delivering crystal clear video from remote participants without sacrificing quality and clarity.

  • Vidyo Server for WebRTC

    The Vidyo Server for WebRTC extends the Vidyo platform to include WebRTC capable browsers

  • VidyoRoom SE

    Room System Capability with Software Pricing

  • VidyoDesktop

    Deliver personal telepresence to desktop users over broadband IP networks

  • VidyoWeb

    Browser plug-in for easy guest participation

  • VidyoMobile

    Mobile video conferencing for tablets and smartphones, as simple as making a phone call

  • VidyoSlate

    Your tablet becomes the ideal second screen in a Vidyo conference, putting content collaboration at your fingertips

  • VidyoRoom HD-40

    Ultra-Compact Group Solution for HD Video Collaboration

  • VidyoRoom HD-230

    High-Fidelity Group Solution

  • VidyoRouter

    Smarter Infrastructure for HD multipoint video conferencing on any device, any IP network

  • VidyoPortal

    Enterprise-class conferencing management with capacity to support tens of thousands of users

  • VidyoVoice

    Conference access for voice-only participants

  • VidyoWorks

    Embed visual collaboration into any application or solution

  • VidyoGateway

    Connect existing technology with modern video conferencing

  • VidyoReplay

    High-quality multipoint video conference recording and webcasting system