Vidyo Supports OmniChannel Solutions

Vidyo and Genesys partnered on the Vidyo Adapter for Genesys. It lets contact center agents seamlessly connect with customers to deliver a high-quality, visual customer-service experience — second only to in-person communication.

“75% of customer journeys start on mobile, web or social and this trend is only accelerating,” said Merijn te Booij, Executive Vice President of Product and Solution Strategy at Genesys, at the time of the announcement. “Response to this digital imperative is increasingly important for companies competing on the battleground of customer experience.”

Recently we sat down with Janelle Matthews, Senior VP Product and Strategy at Genesys. As Ms. Matthews points out in our video interview above: Quality really does matters here.

Naturally, no customer is going to be happy with poor quality interaction. But beyond that, there are critical branding concerns as well. Genesys customers pride themselves on their association with quality in all things, not just cutting-edge customer care — from their products and services to the very last detail of how they engage their customers. Vidyo’s technology, with its HD support, patented dynamic network adaptability technology and advanced security features, surely fit the bill for Genesys as they looked to add video communications into their omnichannel offering.

Vidyo Customer Engagement Infographic

Video Chat Webcast

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