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Video Collaboration White Papers

  • Making Telehealth Work For You: The Ultimate Guide

    Discover effective ways to overcome key barriers of telehealth adoption to get needed buy-in and support for successful virtual care initiatives.
  • VidyoCloud Platform Architecture

    Uncover how you can benefit from VidyoCloud’s global coverage, high security, scalability, and optimal video quality.

  • VidyoConnect: Secure enterprise meeting solution for team collaboration

    Security is a key consideration in many regulated industries — from healthcare to financial services. VidyoConnect provides you with secure, high quality video communications. Learn how Vidyo’s patented features and detailed processes keep your teleconferences and information safe from unauthorized, outside influences.

  • Download 7 Financial Services Solutions Briefs!

    Video Customer Engagement for Money Lending
    Video Customer Engagement for Account Opening
    Video Client Engagement for Private Banking and Wealth Management
    Video Client Engagement for Commercial Banking
    The Video-Enabled Branch
    The Video-Enabled Bank Contact Center
    Video Claims Management

  • Gartner: Creating a Sustainable Virtual Care Roadmap

    This report will help you “drive stakeholder commitment to, and consensus on, an evidence-based roadmap” for virtual care. It’s a must read for all telehealth pros looking to build their Virtual Care strategy on sturdy, sustainable ground. View now!
  • Dave Michels Talking Pointz: Succeeding with Embedded Video

    The time is right for embedded video communications to supplement a wide range of business and consumer applications. The result is enhanced value, improved relationships, competitive differentiation, and new business opportunities.
  • Secure Embedded Video Communications

    Embedded communications empowers third party applications with rich video interactions. Whether you’re building applications for healthcare, financial services, or other uses, security is a key consideration. has been designed to provide high quality video communications securely. Learn how Vidyo’s hardened security features and detailed security processes keep your video communications private and information safe.
  • Saving Lives, Saving Money: Why You Need a Virtual Care Center

    Surprisingly simple and affordable for any healthcare delivery organization (HDO) to establish, a virtual care center (VCC) is the centralized command center that orchestrates and delivers exceptional patient care. This report is a must read for clinicians and IT professionals alike who are engaged in telemedicine initiatives and want to take them to the next level.
  • Video Banking: Differentiating Customer Experience in the Digital Age

    Harnessing the power of video interaction is proven to restore human touch, build trust, add to top line revenue, and differentiate your organization from that of your competitors. Download this report for the latest trends and best practices in video banking, and learn about the real-world benefits being achieved by Barclays, BluCurrent Credit Union, and others.
  • The Rise of Embedded Video Communications

    Using APIs to embed real-time video communication into third party apps is not a new phenomenon. However, increasing availability of “low-code” platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings has made the technology more accessible to the average “citizen developer” who is not a video technology expert, thus accelerating adoption. This survey-based highlights recent key trends in embedded video adoption, including how and why organizations are embedding video chat into their applications, and for what use cases.
  • How Video Customer Engagement Transforms the Way Insurers Do Business

    The survey-based report, co-authored by Efma, introduces the market trends driving adoption of video-enabled insurance services and evaluates the attitudes of insurers towards the video channel. Additionally, for insurance companies working to define their strategy, the report offers guidance and best practices based on Vidyo’s deep experience helping insurance companies and organizations in many other industries implement video customer engagement strategies around the globe.
  • Video Enabled Member Services for Credit Unions

    In a community-driven market where member acquisition costs are high and personalization of service is key, many credit unions are deploying video as a means of creating a more human form of service, whether the member is in a branch or not. Video enabled member services lets credit unions keep the personal touch in member engagement and expand their reach.
  • Video Banking Report 2017: Advancing on the Road to Maturity

    What’s inside? – All the results from our survey of 282 bankers from 63 countries – The key trends in video banking adoption compared to last year – The bankers’ perception toward this channel – Insights and learnings from banks who are already offering video banking
  • Video Communications Platform As A Service

    This study forecasts the US market for video communications platform as a service. IDC forecasts the US video PaaS market to grow from $60 million in 2016 to $1.7 billion in 2020, a 130% CAGR from 2016 to 2020.
  • Key Considerations When Planning Your Video Conferencing Environment: Cloud, Quality & Scale

    This complimentary Wainhouse Research paper details key industry and market drivers that are fueling increased demand and usage for video collaboration; it will also guide you through how to properly define and implement a modern video-conferencing solution.