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Martii, from Cloudbreak, delivers secure video medical interpretation and enables unified telemedicine

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We provide access to more than 60 languages through our Video Remote Interpreting and to more than 250 languages through Over the Phone Interpreting. Both Martti interpretation offerings use our highly qualified, certified medical interpreters. Our interpreters have a thorough understanding of the US healthcare system and are some of the most culturally competent interpreters in the market.

  • More that 250 languages supported, with nearly 60 on live video
  • Working with 1,000 healthcare organizations across the United States
  • Providing more than 85,000 secure, expert encounters every month


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With 16 years in business, Cloudbreak Health is on a mission to #HumanizeHealthcare by breaking down the barriers of language and distance at the point of care. Together we help health systems and providers connect, communicate and care for their patients over one of the nation’s leading unified telemedicine platforms. https://www.cloudbreak.us/

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