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  by Touchcast, a Vidyo Partner

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Harnessing powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to take virtual collaboration to exciting new heights.

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Teamtime is designed to include more participants in on-screen collaboration, across any device. Video— using the highly scalable Vidyo SDK — plays a critical role, but Teamtime features more than just an MP4 file.

AI is Teamtime’s true secret weapon, enabling the solution to automatically transcribe, index and summarize meetings; detect action items and assign them; detect related people and content in real-time; and provide live translations, allowing teams to overcome language barriers.


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Touchcast’s vision is to amplify human potential by helping organizations build their collective intelligence and giving their people the knowledge they need, when they need it. We do this by combining the ease of use of consumer applications, the power of machine learning and the flexibility of an entirely new data architecture.

A partnership “made in heaven”

“Vidyo’s SFU [Selective Forwarding Unit] architecture was what we needed,” Segal explains. “With the Vidyo codec, the server is not compositing the Brady Bunch view of people on the call,” Segal explains. “Rather, it’s routing individual streams. The Vidyo SDK is the only offering in the market that supports a scalable video format in a router configuration. It’s a superb technology that scales well and solves our quality of service challenges.”

“We needed a strong technology partner that would manage the backend of video for a large number of participants. The Vidyo SDK is a superb technology that scales well and solves our quality of service challenges”

Edo Segal

CEO and co-founder, Touchcast

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