An Enterprise Meeting Solution for Team Collaboration

Desktop Video Conferencing for Group Meeting Collaboration

Effective brainstorming, ideation, and problem solving need clear communication and solid interpersonal relationships. VidyoConnect is a meeting solution for team collaboration that speeds global alignment across your enterprise, allowing for better-informed decisions, faster responses and deeper trust.

Desktop Video Conferencing Collaboration Vidyo

Unmatched Quality Over Mobile

Keep executives who travel, field sales reps, field service personnel, and anyone on-the-go connected and engaged.

Mobile Devices

No Downloads Required

Include external meeting participants with the simplicity and convenience of a browser. No need to install an application.

Mobile Devices

Streamline Advanced Workflows

Work more efficiently with deep calendar integrations, control a far-end camera, or launch a customized meeting experience.

16 person video call

Stunning Quality

See Every Non-Verbal Cue and Facial Expression

With the ability to leverage 4K and 5K displays, VidyoConnect delivers the most stunning quality imaginable in multiparty meetings – up to 16x better than the industry average of 720p. Invite up to 200 participants, and see up to16 people at once with the crystal clear quality.

Multiple Devices for Video Chat

Unified User Experience

Enjoy the Ease-of-Use that Drives Adoption

With an intuitive and unified UX across mobile, desktop and conference room endpoints, VidyoConnect delivers the consistency, ease-of-use and rich features that will drive adoption and accelerate ROI.

VidyoConnect Screen Share UI

Intuitive Content Sharing

Never Share the Wrong File or Application

Simply select the content you want to share from visual thumbnail images or the list of open applications. Avoid the embarrassment and distraction of unexpected instant messages, email notifications, or unrelated documents disrupting your meeting while you’re presenting.

VidyoConnect Calendar Integration

Deep Calendar Integration

Never Be Late for a Meeting

If you’re a Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar user, you’ll see a full list of today’s meetings right inside your VidyoConnect app. The list displays each meeting’s name, organizer, and start time. Friendly reminders keep you on track, even when you’re scheduled back-to-back. When it’s time for your next meeting, it’s just a single click to join.

VidyoConnect Calendar Integration

Group Video Conferencing

High-Performance Collaboration Environments

Spaces and organizations of all sizes need enterprise-quality tools to collaborate naturally, without distractions. Flexible content and participant layouts make it easy to toggle between content shares on-the-fly.

VidyoConnect Virtual Rooms

Virtual Video Rooms

Easily Organize Your Meetings and Video Chats

Anyone can create a virtual video room based on teams, topics, projects, or anything else. These virtual meeting spaces can be used for scheduled or ad-hoc meetings. Simply select a room in your favorites or search results and click the JOIN button. When other people join the same room, you’ll instantly be connected face-to-face.

Vidyo brought us a new and different way of collaborating. For us it was not just about reducing the time and cost of travel, it was also about speeding up development and production processes across all of our subsidiaries.

-CEO, Centrotec

Group Video Conferencing

Give your teams the space and tools they need for productive video collaboration. Meet more effectively with high performance group systems, from huddle rooms to boardrooms.

VidyoConnect Room System
IT person on tablet video call

Delivered from the Cloud

Rapid cloud deployment means faster ROI. Robust cloud services eliminate the tactical burden of managing a video network, freeing IT resources to focus on strategic projects.

Delivered from the Cloud

Rapid cloud deployment means faster ROI. Robust cloud services eliminate the tactical burden of managing a video network, freeing IT resources to focus on strategic projects.

IT person on tablet video call

All-Inclusive Subscription

As a leader in value, VidyoConnect provides all-inclusive enterprise-grade video collaboration in any context.  OpEx cost predictability means no surprises or feeling nickel-and-dimed.

VidyoConnect Room System


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