The Vidyo Platform

Reliable performance and global scalability, powered by extraordinarily capable video conferencing technology components

Meter Icon Video Conferencing Technology

Reliable Performance

Vidyo sustains high quality conferences over links with variable bandwidth such as wireless and the public Internet. Using dynamic network adaptation, the video is continuously optimized to deliver the best quality possible at any given moment.

High Quality Video Conferencing Technology

Highest Quality

Clear communication requires crystal clear video. With support for Ultra HD 4K resolution you can share content without losing detail or see participants on multiparty video conferences in full HD resolution. Vidyo delivers industry leading video conferencing resolution.

Multiparty Video Icon

Multiparty Video Conferencing

Vidyo’s routing core directs an optimized video stream to each video conference participant. This remarkably effective and efficient architecture, patented by Vidyo, conserves bandwidth and ensures an optimal experience for everyone.

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Extreme Scalability

Vidyo provides video conferencing infrastructure that scales as your needs grow. Vidyo’s software based video routing architecture is exceedingly efficient. With the ability to scale from small to the largest enterprises without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Global Distribution Icon

Broad Distribution

Designed for distributed work groups, Vidyo can easily support your team collaboration needs whether you are meeting from across campus or across the globe. With a geographically distributable architecture your Vidyo deployment can provide localized traffic for improved quality of experience and bandwidth reduction.

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Secure Communication

Your conversations will always remain confidential with industry standard encryption and software that has been hardened inside and out. Vidyo is trusted by the most security conscious industries including healthcare, financial services, and the military.

We knew that Vidyo was the only provider who could deliver high quality service over unstable infrastucture.

- GO Connect (Dekra)

Supported Endpoints



Vidyo NeoTM

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  • Windows Icon
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H323 System

3rd Party H.323 / SIP

Core Capabilities

Management and Call Control


  • Centralized web based administrative interface
  • Authentication via Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, or APIs
  • User self-service to host, join, and moderate meetings


Media routing and optimization


  • Dynamic video optimization
  • Multiparty conferencing
  • Firewall Traversal


Recording and Webcasting


  • Easy meeting recording and webcasting
  • Searchable content catalog and access control
  • Meeting organizer content management



Vidyo ServerTM for WebRTC

  • Join meetings without installing software
  • Support for VP8 and VP9 video
  • Works with Google Chrome and Firefox




  • Connect with 3rd party H.323 and SIP systems
  • Content sharing support via H.239 and BFCP
  • Secured communication via H.235, TLS, and SRTP