The Easy Way to Collaborate with Guests

The VidyoWeb™ browser extension lets participants join conferences from within a web browser on desktop and laptop computers.

Vidyo in Web Browser

No App Needed

Participate on the web without installing an application or creating a user account

Arrows around the World Wide Web

Widely Supported

Works with Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®

One-Click Access

Guests can join with a single click of the conference link

Firewall Icon

External Connections

Automatic NAT and firewall traversal

Feature Overview

Unmatched Quality

Dynamic adaptation technologies optimize the experience for guests joining from remote locations and wireless networks

Dual XD resolution delivers per-pixel fidelity up to 2880 x 1800 on each display

HD conferencing on Windows and Mac computers with current versions of Chrome™, Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, and Safari®

User Experience

Display up to 8 participants in continuous presence and active speaker layouts

Use your browser to meet with participants on room systems, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Guests can view content shared by others, and share any app or desktop into the conference

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