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Vidyo Video Conferencing for Energy Utilities

Vidyo Enabling the Energy & Utilities Sector

Empowering the Energy & Utilites sector with Vidyo opens a path to more focused, efficient, and target services.

Reliability is Key

Through hundreds of highly mobile workers and many more stationed on oil rigs the Energy sector works tirelessly to keep the rest of the world up and running. Leveraging video to better manage both everyday workflow and crisis situations empowers Energy companies to be able provide more focused service and better support to their remote workers. Vidyo offers Energy companies reliable high quality video that helps them manage every aspect of their business. From prospecting to oil rig management and crew support to crisis response.

Vidyo on an Oil Rig

Introducing Video to life on an oil rig can improve every aspect of a crew’s life. Form a See-What-I-See experience with an off-site expert, to getting accurate and timely medical care hundreds of miles from the nearest hospital.

Vidyo for Prospecting & Maintenance

Vidyo enabled drones can inspect remotely located windmills and pipelines spanning hundreds of miles long, with the workers being dispatched only to where they are needed the most. This creates more efficient maintenance and repair systems.

Vidyo for Crisis Management

Vidyo provides solutions that deliver reliable high quality video that will keep a company connected, and enable outside communication through a crisis. During a crisis Vidyo solutions are reliable under unreliable bandwidth conditions, after a crisis Vidyo enables drones can assess damages and quicken emergency response time.