easy video conferencing for industry

Easy Video Conferencing for Industrial-Strength Needs

Drive Rapid Innovation and Increase Uptime

As global supply chains become more complex, and manufacturers increasingly find themselves operating across cultures, continents and time zones, the need to conduct clear, consistent communications has become an important part of what it takes to design and build a great product. With Vidyo solutions, manufacturers can easily set up cloud video meetings that allow both internal stakeholders and customers to communicate face to face, share ideas, and go over complex technical schematics, all in real time.

Speed Time to Market

In less time than it takes to send the average email, you can be up and running with a cloud video meeting, allowing your team members and customers to speak face to face with one another, no matter where they are in the world. Using Vidyo, teams can rapidly iterate on product designs or bring in remote experts to help troublehsoot equipment outages.

Obtain Product Requirements Accurately

Use Vidyo to communicate with customers to reduce the potential for misunderstanding. Your can hear directly from the customer’s what requirements they have for a particular product, and then integrate those requirements into your product designs.

Bring Designers and Manufacturers Together

With Vidyo, your product designers and process engineers can collaborate rapidly and smooth out initial manufacturing glitches, while also saving the time and money typically involved with traveling to meet on site.

Reduce Costly Downtime

Bring in engineering expertise instantly over Vidyo using see-what-I-see mobile devices and get up and running faster; no waiting, no delays.