Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

The Ultimate Media Server Software for Real-time Conferencing, Collaboration, and Messaging

Welcome to the future of real-time communications. With Dialogic’s PowerMedia® XMS, you’re not just getting a media server – you’re unlocking a world of seamless interaction, high-quality multimedia processing, and limitless possibilities.

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PowerMedia XMS:
A Revolutionary Media Server for Real-Time Communications

Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS is a highly scalable, software-only media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), service provider, enterprise, VoIP, and WebRTC applications on premises or in the cloud. Built on 20+ years of software media processing experience, PowerMedia XMS is trusted by world-class service providers and large enterprises to power millions of rich media sessions.

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Proven Success in Diverse Applications

With an extensive list of successful implementations that include Media Resource Function (MRF) for VoLTE, carrier hosted contact centers, enterprise communications, voice messaging, and “mission critical” next-generation 911 services and financial communication systems, PowerMedia XMS has proven to be a key building block for new and innovative applications.

MRF for VoLTE Carrier hosted contact centers Enterprise communications Voice messaging

High Availability Redundency Resource Efficient

Scalability and Redundancy

When deployed with the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Media Resource Broker (MRB) software component for high availability and redundancy, PowerMedia XMS scales to meet growing service provider and business requirements. PowerMedia XMS provides a reliable and resource-efficient software-based media processing platform for scaling rich media applications such as conferencing, transcoding, and interactive voice response (IVR).

Key Features of PowerMedia XMS

PowerMedia XMS comes packed with features designed to meet the needs of today’s communication landscape:

Cloud/NFV-Ready, Virtualized Media Processing Software

PowerMedia XMS is optimized for virtualized environments, offering production-ready media server and MRF functionality with media control interfaces for web-oriented and traditional VoIP media applications.

Comprehensive Audio, Video, and Contact Center Features

PowerMedia XMS offers a full suite of media application capabilities with WebRTC support, providing comprehensive audio, video, and contact center features.

Cost and Time Efficiency

PowerMedia XMS can reduce CAPEX from media network optimization and reduce telecom application development time by leveraging a proven MRF element and platform.

High Availability and Enhanced Capabilities

PowerMedia XMS offers high availability, intelligent failover, and stateful call preservation features that add local and geographic redundancy options while increasing uptime. It also provides enhanced capabilities with broad video, audio, and WebRTC capabilities.

Why Choose PowerMedia XMS?

PowerMedia XMS stands out in the market due to its advanced features and capabilities. Its versatility in supporting a wide range of protocols makes it a perfect fit for various applications. Its advanced media control capabilities allow for the creation of innovative voice and video applications, offering users a richer, more engaging communication experience. With its high capacity and scalability, it can handle growing business needs, making it a reliable choice for enterprises of all sizes.

Use Case:
Enabling Customer Service with Real-Time Communications

Consider a customer service call center. In the past, customers might have to wait on hold, unsure when they’d be able to connect with a representative. But with PowerMedia XMS, that’s a thing of the past.

The PowerMedia XMS Difference

With PowerMedia XMS, businesses can offer superior customer service. Its real-time communication capabilities mean that customers can connect with representatives instantly, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction. Plus, with its support for multimedia communications, businesses can offer more personalized and effective service.

A Real-World Example

Let’s say a customer has a complex issue that’s hard to explain over the phone. With PowerMedia XMS’s support for video calls, the customer can show the representative the problem, making it easier for the representative to understand the issue and provide a solution. This leads to faster resolution times, improved customer satisfaction, and a better overall experience.

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