Communicate in live streaming with Momindum’s live broadcast solution.

Crisis communication? New products launching? Important conferences? President speeches?

Momindum offers a unique live broadcast solution to live broadcast your events to all your teams!

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The Benefits of Using Momindum Live Broadcast Solution

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Reach an unlimited number of attendees by live streaming your Vidyo meetings.
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Ensure the highest quality broadcast– without impacting the enterprise network. No downloads, bandwidth& network optimization.
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Easily address hundreds of live questions with Momindum’s Q&A moderation capabilities.
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Increase the impact of your live broadcasts:  display subtitles, slides, videos, documents, in very high quality.
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Share automatically interactive replays to increase the visibility of your videos.
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Offer an easy access to the relevant information to your end users, so they can directly find and share videos in viewers’ environments.
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How Does Momindum Live Broadcast Solution Work?

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Capture your event with Momindum Live Broadcast Solution

Capture your event from a visioconference solution, a specific software such as Adobe Live Media Encoder, a specific captation box or thanks to a specialised video agency.

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Communicate the link of your event

Get the attention of all your audience by retrieving the weblink of your live and communicate it. Share it by email, on your company social network, on your website or intranet.

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Benefit from a unique user experience

Benefit from a high-class streaming infrastructure to offer a unique user experience to your audience on any device or browser. Broadcast the event to an infinite number of audiences without impacting your company network thanks to a Peer-to-Peer system.

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Benefit from detailed statistics 

Analyze the statistics of your videos to better understand the behavior of your listeners and the performance of your content to refine every aspect of your video strategy.

  • See the total number of views in seconds
  • Follow the evolution of videos in terms of viewing time and viewer retention
  • Analyze the level of engagement of your listeners and understand which videos are performing the best
  • Find out which videos are the most viewed
  • Easily measure your return on investment

Quickly understand if your video is relevant to your listeners or if a particular passage interests them.

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Analyze the impact of your corporate videos

View detailed statistics for each user

  • Who saw which video and when
  • See if you have reached your audience successfully or not
  • Communicate in a more personalized way to listeners for your sales follow-up
  • Encourage those who have viewed your video to watch additional content.

With Momindum, you can better analyze the impact of your video presentations on your employees and create content that is more relevant to them. Thus, increase the performance of the company.

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