Momindum Video Collaboration Suite

Companies are creating and using video more than ever, but it can be difficult to organize, manage, and share. And for viewers, finding the right information within videos takes time and patience.

The Momindum Video Collaboration Suite is a professional enterprise video platform to securely create, host, enhance, and manage all your videos in one place.

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Momindum delivers powerful new capabilities to the Vidyo suite of products and services.

  • Live stream your Vidyo meetings to reach an unlimited number of attendees
  • Easily address hundreds of live questions with Momindum’s Q&A moderation capabilities
  • Ensure the highest quality broadcast– without impacting the enterprise network
  • Turn Vidyo meetings into valuable training and sales assets and track the number of views
  • Create interactive, easily searchable videos with keywords, chapters and calls to action
  • Improve collaboration, workforce optimization, and customer engagement with Momindum Video Collaboration Suite

An Enterprise Video Collaboration Platform Designed to Engage

Perfect for: Sales, Enablement, Digital Learning, Customer Support, Partner Programs, Internal Communications, and more.

Create and Enrich

Momindum Maker allows users to create high-quality interactive videos without any specialized skills. Double the average viewing time by enriching each video with titles, subtitles, chapters, and keywords, and instantly create localized video transcripts for a global audience.

Host and Manage

Set-up is quick and organizing has never been easier. Host and manage all your videos in one place on the Momindum Cloud. Define and track who can view, publish, and modify content. For broader reach, share live streamed and on-demand videos to any device, anywhere – all without impacting the enterprise network.

Share and Promote

Momindum simplifies how content is shared and promoted. Send video links over email or embed video into your website, intranet, or CRM. MyCorpTV lets you quickly design customized YouTube-type channels so teams can share and promote content internally, while Momindum TV allows approved users to create customized channels for sharing content to anyone, anywhere.

Secure and Searchable

Single sign-on allows users to analyze video popularity and track views while protecting privacy. And with Momindum’s smart search capabilities, viewers can quickly find the exact moments that matter, resulting in a better user experience and improved engagement.

Momindum Products

Video creation and management tools for today’s digital world

Momindum Cloud

The simpler, smarter way to manage video content and create live streamed events.

Momindum TV

Online channel that centralizes videos for quick and easy access from any device, anywhere.


Co-workers can create custom ‘YouTube’ style pages for and sharing on-demand videos internally.

Momindum Maker

Instantly create professional looking videos from slides or enrich existing videos.

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