APIs to Embed Video Communication into Any App

Rapidly Embed Video Chat Into Your App

Bring personal human interaction to your app by adding high quality video communications. Using Vidyo APIs you can rapidly embed rich communications into any web, mobile, or desktop app.

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Extreme Reliability

Reduce frustration and increase engagement for users of your app with reliable video communication

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Fully Customizable

Deliver a fully integrated user experience while maintaining your brand with flexible customization

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Mobile Optimized SDK

Mobile device users experience uncompromising video quality with highly optimized mobile SDKs

Vidyo Powers Communications Across Industries

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Deliver Care Through Telehealth

With embedded video communication,  providers can extend care beyond the confines of the clinic. Video drives increased access while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction, clinical efficiency, and continuity of care at lower cost.

Skills based call routing

Financial Services

Improve Customer Loyalty

Embedded video communication creates a human connection letting you develop strong relationships with your customer while also providing the convenience of online banking.

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Customer Service

Better First Call Resolution

Video communication is clearer than voice or text alone allowing people to see body language and facial expressions. Now you can confidently resolve your customer’s issue the first time.

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Engaged Online Learning

Bring together educators and students through video enabled online learning. With embedded video educators can see if students are engaged or if they need to spend more time on a topic.

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Field Services

See-What-I-See With Remote Experts

Video enabled mobile communications brings remote experts onsite virtually. Now you can resolve the issue on the first truck roll.

See why enterprises and startups alike rely on Vidyo for all their interactive video needs

Faster time to market

Vidyo APIs dramatically simplify the complexity of building cross platform interactive video with consistent cross platform APIs resulting in less time learning new APIs and fewer bugs.

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Developer Coding

Unburden your developers

Developers can focus on building a great app rather than becoming video experts. With a cloud-hosted option, your developers will rapidly embed group video chat into mobile, web, and desktop apps.

Imagine the Business Impact of Real-Time Video on Your App

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Improved Net Promoter Scores

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Faster App Adoption

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Better Patient Outcomes

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

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Stronger Brand Loyalty

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Communication Enabled Workflows