Get Ready for Cutting-Edge Collaboration


When you are ready to make the transition to the latest and greatest user experience from Vidyo we have a tested transition program all ready to go. Our goal? To make your transition seamless, and make you look great while we are doing it. Check out the program overview below. We’ll be ready when you are!

Step 1. Plan

The next generation of video conferencing is here and we are here to help you transition your end-users simply, and seamlessly. Your customer success manager will take you through the steps it takes to make the switch. From planning to communication to training and review, we will ensure that your end-users are prepared and ready for launch date!

Step 2. Communicate

Throughout any transition, communication is king. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the planning for you! With our 5-email communication series you will have all you need to get started communicating to your end-user population.

Step 3. Train

Enable your end-users with the tools to succeed with the new Vidyo interface. Training is available OnDemand or through instructor-led sessions..

Take a look at the OnDemand session below:

Step 4. Review

Understanding the impact of your transition program will help you to ensure your end-users are supported and continue to engage with the new Vidyo interface. With our research-based survey example, we will help you to glean meaningful feedback about your program and how to improve in the future.