A UCaaS Solution for Managed Services Providers Who Want to Stand Out from the Crowd

Customizable UCaaS Application for Chat, Video, and Telephony

This unique solution offers an elegant user experience for threaded, persistent chat and robust video collaboration.

Communicate through Chat

  • Threaded, persistent, and contextual chat
  • Private chats for 1:1
  • Group conversations for collaborative projects
  • Transfer and share files
  • Unlimited collaboration with external users or guests
VidyoConnect Room System

Collaborate over Video

  • Face-to-face interactions for the moments that matter
  • Robust and resilient; optimized for mobile
  • Scalable multiparty
  • Share your screen

Branding and White-Labeling VidyoGo

Boost the visibility of your brand and strengthen the loyalty of your customers while leveraging Vidyo’s focus and expertise.

API-Centric Platform

  • Future-proof: Ensures that Managed Service Providers can distribute services across digital channels, devices, and interfaces
  • Easier to update: Saves time by reusing code and taking advantage of public, published APIs
  • Leverages automation: Will work with leading automation applications that connect thousands of apps into workflows, making VidyoGo more versatile, flexible, and easy to use
  • Opens revenue streams: Facilitates the adoption of the platform economy, digitization, automation, and IoT
VidyoConnect Room System

Microservices Architecture

  • Empower engineers with the ability to easily scale up or down following a specific element’s requirements
  • Offer a true CI/CD communication environment to enterprise customers
  • Fast-track deployment by easily building and testing individual components
  • Increase profitability and free up developer resources with the ability to modify services without rebuilding the entire application
  • Equip customers with evolutionary technology by providing fast and controlled upgrades without slowing down or stopping the apps
True On-Premises Private Cloud
Hybrib Multi-Tenant Cloud

Ultimate Choice in Deployment

Serve every customer base with unparalleled deployment flexibility

Ultimate Choice in Deployment

Serve every customer base with unparalleled deployment flexibility

True On-Premises Private Cloud
Hybrib Multi-Tenant Cloud

Telephony Flexibility

Benefit from the broadest choice in telephony by supporting any SIP solution

Bring your Carrier(s)
  • Easy to configure
  • Support any SIP
Pick your Routes
  • Select which carrier to use
  • Mix and match different carriers for different routes
Bring your Interconnect SBC
  • No need for troublesome and expensive certifications
Create your Offers
  • Choose minutes or seats
  • Mix and match offerings

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