Developer Services

Creating Your Own Vidyo Breakthroughs

We work closely with our OEM partners and independent developers to help you customize and integrate the VidyoWorks™ software platform into your innovative apps.

Easy access to Vidyo’s advanced technology is helping our customers extend the boundaries of what’s possible in the continually evolving world of visual communication.

VidyoWorks API

You can choose client and server APIs to easily add Vidyo to an existing application or web portal. The client API framework includes a suite of modules that provide services like resource management, client state machine and acoustic echo cancellation.

VidyoWorks SDK

VidyoWorks SDK is for organizations that want to build a custom communications solution, including both infrastructure and endpoints, using Vidyo’s core technology. While SDK projects are more complex, they afford maximum flexibility and customizability.

Video Enable Your App

Multi-party Video APIs for Web and Mobile Apps