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If you’re reading this then you already know it: today’s totally networked and mobile world demands that businesses find new ways to break down communication silos among dispersed teams and promote productivity through better collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

Video conferencing, of course, has traditionally been a solution for bringing together dispersed workers. But equally traditional is the fact that many room-based solutions are not exactly geared to go where today’s people and processes live — at desktops and mobile devices.

Frost and Sullivan White PaperAs the Frost & Sullivan White Paper, Driving Productivity with a Video-Enabled Workforce, points out:

“With the burgeoning demand for video everywhere, all of this is changing. The growth of mobile devices and consumerization has made BYOD (bring your own device) a reality for most organizations. Evolving software-based, non-transcoding architectures that let virtualization and cloud deployments work across any endpoint over any network are paving the way to make video conferencing a reality for mass adoption and are doing so at low costs to users.”

Download the paper now for a lot more detailed research.

It examines the importance of moving to more personal video conferencing; discusses the limitations of traditional video conferencing technologies when it comes to supporting a large population of users; analyzes the potential for integrating video into communications tools, applications, and workflows; and shows how effective, scalable, and affordable video conferencing can create a unique competitive advantage.

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