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Convert Up To 25% Of Traffic With A Virtual Retail Experience

Start Seeing Immediate Results By Adding The LiveRetail Experience To Your Online Store

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Inspire Visitors

Bring your brand and products to life, with high quality, multi-faceted online shop solutions

Retain Your Customers for Life

Keep your customer’s experience engaging even after they left your store by building a long-term relationship

Stand Out from Competitors

Use the video chat customer support to make shoppers excited about their purchases

Create A Virtual Retail Experience 
to Your Customers

The Human Experience

Chat solutions for customer service allow you to create a personalized journey for your customers within your online store

The Competitive Edge

Set yourself apart with an industry leading platform that empowers staff to close more business

Accelerate Your Sales

Acquire more customers with real person interaction with virtual technician support

Adopt this retail software solution that can be customized to your individual needs like branding, white labeling, workflows and more!

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Take your virtual shopping experiences to the next level in a fiercely competitive retail environment.
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Instant Messaging

  • Make it easy for customers to connect with an expert using live chat
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices

Retail Shopping Solution

  • Bring products to live by adding the power of authentic video shopping to your online stores
  • Assist Shoppers with live 1:1 product advice over chat or video calling
  • Keep customers coming back after they leave your stores

Video Chat Customer Support

  • Connect to sales and technicians immediately
  • Provide virtual technician support effectively and efficiently
  • Create a personal experience with robust live video

Post Survey

  • Improve performance for future interactions
Provide Live Video Chat Customer Support – skip the bots!

4K Video Quality

  • Provide instant technical assistance with customer support software
  • Let customers see products clearly with high-definition video
  • Best online shop solutions to enhance customer experience

Real-Time Transcript

  • Capture conversation instantly
  • Allow sales and customer service team to follow up

Follow Up Report

  • Make notes regarding the call for future reporting
  • Allow sales to review notes for potential sales, upselling, and cross-selling opportunities 
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Connect Online Shoppers With In Store Experts For Advice Via Video Conferencing

Help Shoppers Discover What They Love And Buy With Confidence