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Vidyo, Qumu, and Lifesize

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Effortlessly Switch to Your Next Enterprise Video Conferencing Solution 

Is your organization currently using BlueJeans for your video communication needs? We understand that the news of its end-of-life may be unsettling. But fear not, because Enghouse has the perfect solution to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition. 

Welcome to Enghouse: Your Video Communication Partner 

At Enghouse, we’re dedicated to offering you top-tier alternatives that ensure uninterrupted communication. Our portfolio includes industry leaders such as Vidyo, Qumu, and Lifesize creating a powerhouse of options tailored to your needs. 

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Enghouse Solutions

Vidyo: Virtual Meetings  

Catering to Fortune 100 companies and the largest hospital chains worldwide, Vidyo boasts an impressive portfolio of 175 patents, a testament to its innovation and dedication to enhancing your communication experience. 


  • Specializes in high-quality video communications with adaptive video technology
  • Offers customizable Video APIs and SDKs for embedding video into applications 
  • Industry focused solutions  

Qumu: Webcasts & Virtual Events 

Qumu lets you create, manage, deliver live or on-demand video content. Qumu is different because it integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows, and it adapts to the organization’s preferences and requirements for security and reliability. Qumu has helped improve productivity and engagement to many Forbes 2000 organizations, especially those in highly regulated industries. 


  • Specialize in video delivery at scale. 
  • Offers integrations with modern video conferencing applications 
  • Ideal for complex network environments 

Lifesize: Meeting Room Solutions 

Lifesize offers a cloud-based conferencing experience with easy-to-use conference room cameras and high-definition phones, designed for large meeting rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls, enabling clients to connect to anyone, anywhere. 


  • Offers video conferencing solutions along with hardware options for conference rooms 
  • Unified platform for video, audio, and web conferencing 
  • Focuses on ease of use and a consistent experience across devices 

Why Enghouse


Leading the way in worldwide custom video conferencing solutions

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Seamless integration with multiple devices and workflow

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One-stop video conferencing and room based solutions


Multiple deployment options: On-Premises, Private Cloud, Hybrid & Multi-tenant cloud

Your Transition Roadmap 

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Our experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your current BlueJeans setup to understand your specific needs. 

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Customized Solution

We’ll recommend the best solution for your organization that seamlessly integrates with your workflows, requirements, and expectations. 

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Migration Assistance

Our team will assist in migrating your data, content, and recordings, ensuring a smooth transition. 

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Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training to your team, backed by ongoing support to address any queries.

Embrace the Change, Embrace Success 

Transitioning from BlueJeans is not just a necessity but an opportunity to embrace enhanced video communication experiences. At Enghouse, we’re dedicated to making this transition seamless and empowering, so your teams can connect, collaborate, and achieve together. 

Let’s Start the Conversation 

Don’t wait for the last minute. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts. Together, we’ll embark on a journey towards a future of unparalleled video communication. Your communication evolution begins with Enghouse. 

About Enghouse Systems Limited 

Enghouse Systems Limited is a publicly traded Canadian based software and services company founded in 1984 (TSX:ENGH).  The company provides vertically focused enterprise software solutions focusing on contact centers, video communications, healthcare, telecommunications, public safety and the transit market.