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Meeting room solutions with video conferencing designed to meet your business and collaboration needs.
Huddle Room with devices visible

The quick pivot to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic made video conferencing a critical part of business operations. Even as most businesses have returned to the office, video conferencing continues to play an essential role in nearly every industry. 

With so many industries struggling with staffing challenges, collaboration has become even more critical. Now, more than ever, organizations need high-quality video conference rooms for more effective communication and collaboration.  

Outdated video conference room technology lacks the ability to provide high-definition video, crystal clear audio, and reliable internet connectivity. This can negatively impact communication, collaboration, and team productivity. In healthcare, it could mean the difference between positive and negative outcomes.    

Running or joining a video conference just got easier with VidyoRooms

VidyoRooms, is a software as well as hardware-based video conferencing solution that provides customizable, seamless, and integrated video conferencing experience across all industries. VidyoRooms interact with participants in real-time via huddle rooms, board rooms, and patient rooms.  

A unique hybrid meeting experience for your remote and onsite teams 

Enhance your video conference room experience with 4K video collaboration in any space. Thanks to VidyoRoom, your onsite and remote participants can easily connect to high-quality video conference room meetings, helping them stay agile through more effective collaboration.  

Improved collaboration

Provides more personalized, accessible video experiences for more effectiveness, regardless of employee location. 

Modernized workspaces

High-quality, simple-to-use interface reduces frustration and manual processes by streamlining connectivity. 

Increased work efficiencies

Optimal user experiences maximize team productivity and agility. 

Powerful video features to deliver a dynamic, high-quality hybrid meeting experience 

Meeting on video conference meeting platform

Flexible, Comprehensive Platform

  • See up to 16 participants on a single screen 
  • Multiple, easy-to-use remote-control options through an app or handheld remote control 
  • Integration with the EMR 

Stunning Quality

  • Ultra HD 4K video 
  • High frame rate audio and video content up to 1080p30 
  • Continuous optimization of video for unmatched fidelity, even over wireless networks 

Easy-to-Use Solution

  • One-touch join 
  • Microsoft® or Google® Calendar Integration 
  • Interact in real time 
PTZ Camera

Seamless Configuration

  • PTZ cameras  
  • Professional audio devices  
  • USB PTZ Logitech® GROUP 

Modern Architecture

  • High scalability multipoint performance with imperceptible latency 
  • Aligns with existing desktop security processes, tools, and policies 
  • Real-time encryption of video streams during transmission 

Flexible VidyoRoom Products: Helps organizations big and small quickly scale while maintaining optimal quality and reliability.  

VidyoRoom SE

Installable software optimized for every room scenario

VidyoRoom HD-2C

Enterprise-grade appliance for mid-size meeting rooms

VidyoRoom HD-3C

Powerful hardware ideal for executive boardrooms

Transform your video collaboration experience with VidyoRooms 

huddle room

Huddle Room

This private, simple-to-manage video room experience is designed as an affordable solution for small environments, ideally suited for 3 to 5 people.  
meeting room

Meeting Room

This video conferencing solution enables mid-size conference spaces to become smart hubs, enabling an exceptional collaborative experience that is ideal for meetings of 5 to 10 people. 


This fully integrated enterprise-scale executive video room experience is designed to accommodate busy executives who need optimal connectivity and is ideally suited for 10 to 20 people. 

patient room

Patient Room

This purpose-built solution enables providers to seamlessly connect with patients and their families—regardless of their location—to deliver high-quality care, optimal outcomes, and more personalized patient experiences. 

patient room with medical cart

Medical Cart

This easy-to-use video interface streamlines provider workflows and enables virtual rounding, remote ICU observation, and multidisciplinary consultations right at the patient’s bedside. 

Check out how VidyoRooms can help  


With VidyoConnect Room systems, Vidyo’s conference call services empower your employees to quickly maximize their productivity using the space and tools needed to promote creativity and expedite decision-making.  


Leverage VidyoConnect’s purpose-built healthcare solution to deliver HIPAA-compliant telemedicine health services for greater reach, improved patient outcomes and lasting cost savings. 

Hardware that helps you enable VidyoRooms 

Vidyo’s room solutions work seamlessly with most major room system brands that bring High-quality video to all your meetings. 

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