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End-to-End Digital Healthcare
With the right technology infrastructure, virtualized care has the potential to bring benefits to a great number of care scenarios. Learn about some of the most effective use cases to consider for telehealth.
Pandemic restrictions hit gyms hard. But Upper Deck Fitness flexed its digital muscle and didn’t miss a rep. Powering Upper Deck’s fitness classes is reliable, high-quality video communication that can be integrated into everything they chose to tackle.
In today’s age of digital transformation, many brick and mortar businesses have made their services available online for convenience, efficiency, and scale. Email, web chat, and phone can lack the visual cues and personal touch needed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Finding the best option for your company can be challenging, but with the help of Vidyo’s professional services experts, you’ll be prepared for any situation.
Whether you need assistance with optimizing an existing installation or implementing an entirely new solution, Vidyo Deployment Services has you covered.
Learn more about video technology for hybrid and distributed teams in this whitepaper. By building processes and practices that give employees greater choice in when and where they work, employers can ease the personal and professional concerns of their employees while building a more agile workforce equipped for the future of work.
Protect hospital staff from COVID-19 exposure with a video-enabled ICU. The Vidyo Safeguard Bundle provides you with an intuitive and effective platform for monitoring and treating your patient population while preserving the health and integrity of the provider team.
Watch our webinar with ViTelNet. Learn how to develop remote patient monitoring workflows and integrations as well as rapid development, deployment, and testing of mobile telehealth.
For the successful implementation of a video telehealth solution, a number of factors come into play. During a time of stretched budgets, diminished medical resources, and thinly stretched staff, hospital administrators must pursue a solution that can be easily adopted.
Customize your video communications experience with Professional Services.
Build custom video applications with the help of Vidyo’s skilled API developer advocates
Our partnership with Epic Systems delivers an immersive video interaction between your clinicians and their patients or peers.