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Sales associate offering ecommerce assistance to a customer on her desktop.
To stay in the game in this highly competitive environment, whether you are a direct-to-consumer eCommerce or a brick-and-mortar retailer with an online presence, it is imperative to meet customer expectations at every point a customer engages with your brand.
Transforming the Healthcare Realm with VidyoHealth’s Holistic Healthcare Solutions
A look at the various solutions available and how they work together to answer workflow challenges. Statistics to show anticipated ROI, impact on nursing shortages, optimizing continuum of care, and more
77% of employees wants to learn new skills. Indeed, upskilling and reskilling are crucial for them to be more efficient and accelerate their career evolution. However, jobs evolve fast, and teams work more and more remotely. That's why companies should use video learning to train their teams quickly and efficiently.
POV perspective using LiveRetail
The most effective, consistent, systematic experience which can address this challenge – and influence and drive sales at every level – is human interaction.
Person on a video call on their desk top
The convergence of UCaaS and CCaaS will drive and disrupt customer communications and team collaboration. Are you ready to meet the new global workforce expectations for working and communicating with customers in a post-COVID world?
Contact Center employee smiling while wearing a headset
Already, companies have measured improvements with integrated platforms, but most companies are not leveraging the integration as much as they could. Providers can do a better job creating solutions using the integrated platforms, rather than simply selling applications, to help spur some creativity.
Dialogic cover image
On-premises or in the cloud, PowerMedia XMS is the software-based media server that lets you easily integrate any media content to enable real-time video streaming, conferencing, collaboration, and messaging applications at scale.
Two women editing a video
Vdeo is quickly becoming the content of choice for companies of all types and sizes, for everything from team collaboration and training to product demos, customer case studies, social engagement and more.
Woman using a digital retailing service to make an online purchase
Best-in-class multichannel and call center routing technology and our unique video platform together to provide a flexible and powerful all-in-one solution for bridging digital experiences with in-person experiences.
Doctor looking at pie chart on monitor
How the Minnesota-based health care system uses Vidyo integration with Ignis Health to create an efficient mode of care for rural communities.
Future of Retail cover image
How Trends, Turmoil and Technology Are Reshaping How the World Shops
Allina case study cover image
Allina Hospitals and Clinics found VidyoHealth to be an imperative time-saving tool in their EDs and MedSurg units.