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During this webinar, we provided a front-row seat to best-in-class insights on load balancing, and multidisciplinary consults. You'll learn how to design and implement these programs to meet your specific needs.
A deep dive into key technology advancements for video communication, evolving workplace demographics, digital transformation trends during COVID-19 and beyond, and the fast approaching need to ramp up digital cybersecurity.
Stampede, the industry leader in audiovisual (AV) hardware and software distribution, has been a Vidyo partner for more than 10 years. Vidyo and Stampede have worked in conjunction to ensure that resellers have the licenses and credit lines to supply Vidyo’s purposebuilt telehealth solutions on a wider scale.
With access to Vidyo’s comprehensive suite of solutions long term health systems will have the tools to transform their delivery care model into one that dramatically improves clinical efficiency, outcomes, and resident adherence while keeping costs under control.
Learn how data can support transparency, allow health systems to measure performance, increase patient access and safety, and improve business results.
The VidyoConnect Medical Cart Experience is a purpose-built telemedicine solution for healthcare practitioners. With an easy-to-use video interface, this solution streamlines workflows for practitioners to perform virtual rounds, remote ICU monitoring, and multidisciplinary consults.
VidyoConnect’s Patient Room Experience is a purpose-built telemedicine solution with patient service in mind. With an easy-to-use interface, this solution provides an engaging high-quality video environment for patients to connect with their family and doctors at the point of care.
VidyoConnect’s Huddle Room Experience is for enterprise organizations who need to affordably scale and deploy a video solution in small room environments ideal for 3-6 people, and want a simple, easy to manage in-room solution to enable employee engagement, team collaboration, brainstorming, and productivity.
VidyoConnect’s Meeting Room Experience is for enterprise organizations who need an exceptional video room system that will transform their midsize conference space into a smart hub and want the ability to meet with their team face-to-face and share content regardless of their physical location.
Executive boardrooms are being re-imagined to easily connect to participants across the world while providing a world-class, immersive experience that enables business leaders to conduct productive, cost efficient meetings.
The VidyoRoom HD-3 system enables groups in medium to large conference rooms to engage in meaningful dialogue and encourage participation from remote collaborators.
A flexible video collaboration solution that allows you to connect naturally with others, enjoying the same immersive experience whether sitting across the table or the globe.