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Today, Vidyo and IDSolutions in partnership deploy the power of cloud-based solutions to offer instant telehealth support to their customers when they need it most.
VidyoRoom Software Edition (SE) is an installable software group system that can deliver industry leading Ultra HD experiences on off-the-shelf computing hardware.
A flexible video collaboration solution that allows you to connect naturally with others, enjoying the same immersive experience whether sitting across the table or the globe.
Vidyo partner, Touchcast, is harnessing powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to take virtual collaboration to exciting new heights with AI-enabled meetings.
Using recently developed capabilities from Epic, Vidyo has created a turnkey integration of VidyoConnect into the most popular Epic solutions such as Hyperspace, Canto, and Haiku using context-aware linking.
Social distancing and the use of video conferencing solutions have proven to be effective safety measures, while still managing sustainable productivity levels in and out of the workplace.
Ranktech Logo
RankTech Solutions Private Limited (India) is an innovative software architectural firm specialized in digital business platforms blended with video, transforming operations in multifarious industries.
The Air Force Association chose Vidyo to collaborate with its remote volunteer base and staff, saving thousands of dollars per meeting.
The Andhra Pradesh & Telangana (APTS) Conferencing Facility is an example of a massive Vidyo deployment at the state level where more than 1,200 Vidyo rooms have been deployed across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana’s 23 districts and 1,100 Mandals.
Telehealth Adoption Report Cover
The results of our survey of 275 clinicians, IT professionals, and hospital administrators indicate that telehealth and remote patient monitoring are top priorities.
Video Banking Success Kit
Rapidly get you up to speed on the latest trends in video banking, how to build the business case, and the steps required to ensure your implementation is successful.
VidyoEngage Genesys Preview
Discover how adding video customer engagement to your contact center can enhance customer-agent interactions with an effective personal touch.