The Global Leader in Video Conferencing

Vidyo visually connects the world through embedding the highest quality, most scalable, interactive video communications into the broadest and most innovative applications, workflows and IoT devices. By delivering the best infrastructure and highest resolution, our performance is unmatched over mobile and at scale.


2016 Vidyo Highlights

  • “Leader” Gartner Magic Quadrant
  • “Front Runner” IDC in Video PaaS market
  • Winner Telehealth Award – Frost & Sullivan

Pioneering Video Collaboration Technology

Our vision is to connect the world by video-enabling any application or idea. Vidyo delivers the highest quality cloud video conferencing service, on-premises solutions and platform-as-a-service for market leaders and innovative upstarts.
Mobile Phone

Mobile-First Technology

Transcode-free mobile video conferencing with patented dynamic adaptation technologies deliver the most resilient experience across challenging wireless and mobile networks

Arrow Coming out of a box

Scalable Browser-Based Video

Collaboration with Google to bring scalable video coding to WebRTC, and developing the scalable extensions to the VP9 codec after pioneering SVC for video conferencing

Smart Glasses

Internet of Things

Visually connecting innovative IoT devices and new form factors including ATMs, kiosks, robots, drones, smart glasses and other wearables, and collaboration devices for businesses and consumers

Our Mission

Our mission is to make embedded video collaboration ubiquitous, and to connect the world beyond the point of interaction to create a human experience. We deliver the world’s highest quality, most innovative interactive video communication platform and technologies at Web-Scale.

Our Timeline of Innovation

Since its founding in 2005, Vidyo has been a pioneer in video collaboration, from contributing to new standards for video compression to delivering the world’s first mobile video client, to introducing the world’s first video client on smart glasses.
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  • 2007 VidyoRouter
    Vidyo Router is First Use of SVC for Real Time Video
  • 2008 Vidyo SVC Desktop and Room System
    Vidyo Introduces First SVC Desktop and Room System
  • First Vidyo Patent 2009
    Vidyo Awarded First Patent
  • Google Talk 2009
    Google Licenses Vidyo Technology to Power Google Chat and Later Hangouts
  • 2010 SVC for Mobile
    Vidyo Introduces First SVC Client on Mobile Service
  • SVC diagram
    SVC Becomes an Industry Requirement
  • h.265 HEVC Graphic
    Vidyo Contributes Technology to H.265 HEVC
  • 2013 VidyoWeb WebRTC and VP9
    Vidyo Contributes Technology to WebRTC and VP9
  • Video Conferencing at 5K
    Vidyo Introduces First 4K and 5K UHD Infrastructure and Endpoints
  • Vidyo has 90 patents in 2015
    90 Patents and Counting
  • Vuzix Smart Glasses
    Vidyo Introduces First Real-Time Video Client for Smart Glasses
  • Vidyo introduces VidyoCloud, the first 4K cloud video collaboration service
  • Vidyo launches, an API platform for embedded group video chat

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