Keyboard shortcuts

We know our users fulfill a multitude of use cases using our applications in a variety of settings. We want to make our applications easier to use across different form factors with a special focus on accessibility and ease-of-access. This is why we are introducing keyboard shortcuts.

With keyboard shortcuts, we are now giving users easier access to the most common in-call features with just their keyboard. This also helps power users multitask more efficiently.

How to use our shortcuts

Most of our shortcuts use three keys. You will see this denoted as Key1 + Key2 + Key3. This means you press the three keys together in the sequence shown. This behavior is the same as other shortcuts you may use daily like Ctrl + C to copy content on a Windows PC or Command (⌘) +C to copy content on a Mac.

You can see all of these shortcuts in our tooltips when you hover your mouse cursor over any of the pertinent on-screen buttons.

Function Shortcut Description/comments
Media device states

Mute/unmute mic

Windows: ctrl + shift + A

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + A

This shortcut will toggle your mic state (mute/unmute) exactly like how clicking on the mic button does.

Mute/unmute speaker

Windows: ctrl + shift + K

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + K

This shortcut will toggle your speaker state (mute/unmute) exactly like how clicking on the speaker button does.

Mute/unmute camera

Windows: ctrl + shift + D

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + D

This shortcut will toggle your camera state (mute/unmute) exactly like how clicking on the camera button does.


Windows (hold): ctrl + space bar

Mac (hold): option (⌥) + space bar

This shortcut helps you quickly unmute and mute your mic in one swift action.

If you have your microphone muted, but you have to speak just for a moment, you can press and hold our push-to-talk combo. The mic will stay unmuted as long as you are pressing the key combination. The moment you release the key combination, the microphone will be muted again.

App sections

Open/close chat panel

Windows: ctrl + shift + H

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + H

This shortcut will open the chat panel, and bring the focus to the cursor in the text field at the bottom.

If the user presses this again, the chat panel will disappear.

Open/close participants panel

Windows: ctrl + shift + P

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + P

This shortcut will open and close the participants panel.

Turn closed captioning (CC) on/off

Windows: ctrl + shift + C

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + C

This will toggle the closed captioning (CC) on/off for the user.

End call

Windows: ctrl + shift + E

Mac: command (⌘) + shift + E

End the call.