VidyoGateway VE support of VMware features

The following list includes VMware features and explains both if and how they are currently supported by VidyoGateway VE:

  • You can store and deploy backup copies of your VidyoGateway VE appliance using vSphere’s export and import features.
  • While your VidyoGateway VE appliance is powered off, it may be moved (cold migration) or copied (cloned) from one host (or storage location) to another.
  • You can resize your virtual machine and add vCPUs and vRAM; however, vNIC and removing virtual hardware resources are not currently supported.
  • VidyoGateway software updates are managed in the same manner as the regular appliance. Always take snapshots (while your VidyoGateway VE appliance is powered off) before updating.
  • Advanced features, such as vMotion, high availability, fault tolerance, and distributed resource manager are not currently supported.